Obama, Reid and Pelosi Are Failing America

By: Ken Hughes

The architects of the current recession date back to the 1930’s when the Democratic President FDR created the great depression which became the hand book for liberalism and socialism in America. A progressive agenda fails where prosperity thrives these three, Obama, Reid and Pelosi know this and take advantage of every conceivable blip in the in the economy to destroy a productive America, why you ask? For control the aphrodisiac of powerful politicians, the Obamanistas know only the poor can be manipulated by a progressive agenda, the rich see beyond the façade liberalism presents. What the poor don’t see while government hands out goodies it produces nothing and sooner rather than later the government’s cupboards are bare and we’re all headed to the garbage cans for our meals and under bridges for shelter. All of the great social experiments of the twentieth century failed. In less than twenty five years China and Eastern Europe have turned to capitalism and prospered. When people are free to peruse their own destiny they invariably outperform government. Obama is wrong when he says the government must do for the people, anything a government can do for people they can do better and cheaper for themselves.

Most politicians wear patriotism as a badge of honor, Obama seems to wear patriotism on the soles of his shoes. He’s the first president I know of who replaced the presidential crest with one of his own. The propaganda pushing Obama to the top were unprecedented in American politics, it makes some wonder if the voting age shouldn’t be extended to age 35 rather than 18. What’s the point of voting when it’s all about hype and not issues?

The Obama agenda has never been about issues it always about villains and with Obama that means everyone even his own supporters. I can’t think of any group he hasn’t found a problem with, that is except Muslims so far they’ve been off his radar. That doesn’t mean he won’t attack them at some point as he has others. Blame is the name of the game with Obama, Reid and Pelosi have never taking responsibility for anything even though they’ve been around for a while now. President Obama promised to clean up the evils of Washington not add to them. When Obama became President Washington was a cesspool now two years later it’s an entire landfill. I can’t think of anything presidential Obama has done so far, I’m sure there must have been something I just can’t think of it. Obama’s broken every campaign promise he made and some he didn’t. He continually blames Bush and Republicans when it’s obvious to everyone it’s him and the Democratic majority in congress who can’t get it right and can’t be honest about their failures.

Democrats have held a majority in congress for the past four years and the executive branch for two years and they expect a gullible stupid unsophisticated public [their words not mine] to believe it’s Bush and Republicans holding thing up? Could it be the path between Harvard and Washington should be repaved to go through the hinterlands a bit further. The government studies being taught in universities across America isn’t the government the American people want. The American people want a government that follows the Constitution not the Marxist Manifesto. Progressive socialism is a crutch that supports underachieving people and ambitious but uneducated politicians. Social compassion is a much over worked and over burdened ideology. Rather than progressive socialist looking for the true victims of society they go out and recruit them. When it becomes more profitable to resort to government handouts than to compete in the work place progressivism has gone to far.

Much of the Obama agenda is meant for White America to atone for the evils of slavery, [Something Obama has no kinship with.] That bill’s has been paid tenfold and more. If minorities are reaping the rewards of the billions of dollars spent in the past forty years on reforms that’s on them not on the rest of America. Obama’s “Poor Black Me” syndrome isn’t playing well any more, especially now that “Poor White Me” is catching up or catching down if you prefer. American being in a recession isn’t acceptable for most Americans. Then to be told by the president and his associates to hang on its going to last for a while is even less acceptable. If government would get the hell out of the way American ingenuity could and would end this recession in a matter of months. Most Americans want to earn their way in life not have the government provide for them.

What the media and congress is missing is the Tea Party movement isn’t just challenging both parties and both house of congress they’re challenging the entire government bureaucracy, in fact the entire Washington mentality. The Tea Party wants to remove the wall that separates mainstream America from the Washingtonians, find the misplaced constitution and make it mean something again. Most of the people of this country are proud to be citizens there may be a few exceptions here and there and in the family quarters of the Whitehouse but by in large we Americans are a proud people. We have always been willing to share this country with immigrants as long as they follow the rules of entry. When this country is in jeopardy of allowing undocumented terrorists to enter in the disguise of political correctness then the people have a right to object. Americas security trumps political correctness despite liberal objections.

Obama Reid and Pelosi haven’t done much to advance a positive American agenda in the past [four and two years]. They can continue to blame others but the stupid, timid, unsophisticated public know better and they will show it at the polls with their votes in November. For those liberals who hate America I say try somewhere else before you make your final decision.

Every informed vote will count in the coming election, for the uninformed please stay home what we don’t need is any more Rock Star Comedian politicians in Washington.


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