The Terrorists Among Us

By: Keith Allison

Who are these terrorists who walk among us? They are often home grown terrorists with a total lack of respect for the laws and people of the United States. And, while the vast majority of them are civilian members of the mentally incompetent, radically liberal community, the group also consists of many of our bureaucrats, judges, and politicians; the latter being public servants who, for the most part, have taken an oath of office to protect and serve the United States Constitution. Their oath, as with the Constitution, means no more to them than my indifference to the life span of a termite trying to gnaw through a concrete and brick building. If that statement upsets a few termite lovers or the liberal community, so be it. Need I say that I’ve grown weary of the incessant blather of these mentally challenged government officials, portions of the news media, and parasitic residents who hold the Constitution and its framers in utter contempt?

I guess you might say that I hold the few laws we have that pass Constitutional muster in high regard. It seems, however, that many of our elected and/or appointed government employees, certain members of the news media and some of the citizens of this nation prefer laws, statutes, and orders that have no Constitutional authority supporting them. Just think about it for a minute, how many of these supposedly legitimate laws we are expected to obey meet the criteria of protecting the public health, welfare, morals or safety? The fact is, many of the laws currently being crammed down our throats do not comply with Constitutional mandate, they are, in fact, put in place for the sole purpose of someone being able to exercise control over your daily activities. And usually, that control is meant to add dollars to their pockets while depriving you of being able to earn a living at some harmless occupation without paying someone, usually government, for the privilege of exercising your Constitutionally protected right to labor at your chosen occupation. Of course many of these “regulations” are implemented for the sole purpose of restricting competition within a given occupation.

Do any of my readers know what a “Talkie-Tooter” is? I’m not absolutely certain, but I believe it’s a device that loggers use to let other loggers know where they are located, or that a logger is going to fall a tree. If I’m wrong about that, someone might be kind enough to inform me of what other purpose a Talkie-Tooter is used for. Anyway, the State of Washington describes a Talkie-Tooter as a radio signaling device for the logging industry. And, in order for anyone to operate a Talkie Tooter, they must have a state permit to do so from the Department of Labor and Industries. I wonder if Labor and Industries will soon get around to requiring drivers to obtain a permit to toot the horn on their automobile.

One of my favorite licensing requirements is that of a professional athletics judge. I suppose that without a Professional Athletics License, a person could not determine that one boxer had just beaten the crap out of his/her opponent. Or, judge or umpire couldn’t determine whether or not a football player made a touchdown or a baseball player hit a foul ball. Lest I forget, how about a Hulk Hauler License? Yup, that’s right, according to the State of Washington, if you sell or transport junk cars anywhere, you must possess a Hulk Hauler License. And, each vehicle used to conduct business as a hulk hauler must have a hulk hauler license plate. Boy, you can’t believe how good that makes me feel. Oh, here’s another mind boggling requirement of the State of Washington. In order to become a Professional Athletics Announcer, you must be 18 years of age and possess a Professional Athletics License. Wow, isn’t that impressive; that requirement certainly makes me feel I’m being protected by the State. Ah yes, and then there’s Animal Massage Practitioners. In order to legally practice this craft, the legislature has determined that you must hold a Certificate to perform this service.

For those of my readers who can’t wait to sign up as an Auctioneer, you must first obtain a Certificate of Registration to do so. You must be at least eighteen years of age or sponsored by a licensed auctioneer, file with the department a completed application, show that you possess the proper tax registration from the department of revenue, pay the auctioneer registration fee, and, except as otherwise provided under RCW 18.11.121, file with the department an auctioneer surety bond in the amount and form required by RCW 18.11.121.

I’ll have to do a little more research into this, but I believe the state of Washington has yet to require a license for me to step outside my home at night, and admire the brilliance of the stars on one of our clear night skies in Central Washington.

Enough said.

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