Seven Things the GOP Should Promise

By: Craig Chamberlain

As President Obama has so perfectly illustrated it is one thing to run a good campaign and entirely another thing to govern effectively. Giving a good speech is not the same thing as actually enacting policies, making decisions, and taking responsibility. As it stands right now the GOP has the advantage going into the November elections. Estimates are that they could pick up anywhere from 45-70 seats in the house, and anywhere from 7-12 seats in the Senate.

The GOP should not fall into the trap of staying into campaign mode if they win the Congressional majority. They need to remember that victory is not always a mandate for change. They are riding the crest of an anti incumbent wave, and this does not necessarily translate into a great demand for them to get too ambitious. There is always the danger of overreach. There is also the danger of not doing enough. There are things the GOP can, and should, do upon taking over the majority.

1) De- fund Obamacare. This abomination of a bill is opposed by most Americans. It oversteps constitutional limits, takes the commerce clause further than the founders ever intended it, and will put a massive economic strain on the American people at a time when 1 in 7 are in poverty. Unfortunately repealing Obamacare will not be possible as long as Barack Obama is President of the United States. Any vote to repeal the Presidents pet project will be met by a Presidential veto. So if the federal judiciary doesn’t do the right thing and strike this law down as unconstitutional, then it will be incumbent on a new Congress to do the right thing. If it can’t be repealed then it can be denied funding. The Republicans will be controlling the purse strings of the government and will have every right to deny the new health care the funding it needs to be implemented.

2) Take control of the border. Anyone who says we don’t have an immigration problem is living in a state of denial. There are millions of illegals here in the United States, and while most are not dangerous, there is a growing violent criminal element. The cartels are becoming more and more of a presence along the border, smuggling in drugs, people, weapons, and basically making life miserable for citizens along the Mexican border. Arizona tried to do the sensible thing and pass a constitutional law controlling the illegal immigration mess only to be attacked by the federal government, have any useful provisions struck down by a federal judge, and now foreign governments are getting involved in the court case(a blatant violation of the 11th amendment) trying to strike down the rest of the law, and to shun the state of Arizona as a Nazi pariah state.

3) Stop the stimulus. We’ve spent 800 billion dollars in a Keynesian orgy trying to restart the economy and its weaker than it was when President Obama took office. Unemployment if flirting with 10%, the housing market is a mess, there are over 41 million Americans are on food stamps, 1 in 7 are living below the poverty line and there doesn’t seem to be any indicator that things are going to improve any time soon. If anything the stimulus has only made the situation worse. We’ve hundreds of billions of dollars in pork laden projects that haven’t made a dent in the unemployment rate, or gotten the economy going. The new Congress should take away the money for the stimulus and set it aside to pay off as much of the deficit as they can. This would bring the deficit levels down to manageable levels.

4) No more Czars. While a strong presidency is necessary for the government of this country there comes a point where the executive branch has so much extra constitutional power that it threatens to weaken the authority of the legislative branch as well as the rights of the states. These czars are unelected, unaccounted, administrators who are not even subject to congressional approval. These Czars overextend the authority of the executive branch, and are an attempt for the executive to govern without the traditional checks and balances on its power. Yes, there were Czars in previous administrations, but the number of Czars in the Obama administration is so many that one could be forgiven for thinking that we were living in imperial Russia.

5) No to Cap and Trade. President Obama wants this bill as badly as he wanted a new health care law. The House has already passed the bill, but has stalled in the Senate. President Obama has said that he still considers this a priority and would like the Senate to consider it after the November elections. A lame duck Congress, with many outgoing Democratic Senators, might give him what he wants. After all if they’ve been voted out, what do they care? Cap and Trade will destroy the economies of coal producing states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Wyoming. It’s nothing but a boondoggle for the environmentalist fringe who thinks that all of our energy needs can be met with solar panels, and windmills. “Green” energy is more inefficient than fossil fuels, would drive the cost of fuel upwards, and would cripple the hope of an economic recovery.

6) End the bailouts. Part of the free market philosophy is that government gets out of the way. If a business is successful that’s good, if a business is failing then let it fail. Most of the time big business wants it both ways(forget the myth that big business is pro capitalist) they want to be left alone when times are good, and they want to be protected when times are bad. It’s not the role of government to protect businesses, it’s certainly not in the constitution. We don’t need to bailout banks, own car companies, and micro manage wall street.

7) This might be most important of all. Actually reduce spending. It’s not enough to propose a ban on earmarks, even though it is a good idea. The size, and reach, of the federal government must be reduced. This means cutting spending across the board. With the exception of the military every department of the federal government should be looking at a 30% budget cut. The GOP should also look into eliminating departments. This might sound like a radical solution, but we live in radical times. Do we really need a Department of Education? It doesn’t educate. Do we really need a department of Agriculture, when so few Americans are farmers? Do we need a Department of Commerce when no one in Washington can tell you what the Department does? The Department of Labor, Energy, HHS, and HUD are also equally worthless. They do nothing to contribute to the economic growth, or to national security. With a 13 trillion dollar debt can we afford so much government?

If the GOP remembers its principles and actually governs for smaller government they can effect positive change in this country and get us back on the road to prosperity, and strength. If they abandon their principles to be big government conservatives then they will have to face the judgment of the voters in 2012 and bring about another change in government.

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