The Pledge To America, Back Off – It’s A Start

By: Ken Hughes

It seems in politics nothing is ever enough, there are no starting points only end results or at least promises of end results. That was something that dogged Bush for eight years, every time he came up with a suggestion the media and his critics jumped on him for not implementing it immediately. Then when he did put his ideas to work they were never enough or they went to far there never seemed to be a middle ground of satisfaction. Obama’s reached that point in his presidency his critics on both sides are beginning to question his policies and his judgment. The public was sold an intellectual giant and got a mental midget in Obama. The publics had two years of verbal what’s going to happen [maybe.] Now for the first time in two year they have in a “Promise to America” in written words, something that can’t be changed or spun.

Democrats are calling the “Pledge to America” a step back and so it is. It’s necessary to take several steps back in order to clean up the obstructions created in the past two years of Obamanomics and then move forward. Some establishment Republicans are no more enamored with the “Pledge to America” than Democrats. That’s precisely why it’s such a valuable document, it puts everyone on notice of things to come. The Republican sponsored 1994 “Contract with America” saved the nation from a recession and saved, [made a President.] Bill Clinton was drowning is an ocean of controversy until he became pragmatic and joined Newt Gingrich and the Republican Freshman Congressmen in one of the boldest moves in congressional history, cutting spending and establishing governmental accountability.

It’s been a long time since the American people were told by a politician things were good, most of the time their telling us things are about to collapsed and the only way it can be saves is by electing them. If you want to know how good things in America are ask an illegal immigrant from one of our southern neighbor countries or some illegal immigrant from the Middle East or Easter Europe, [Yes Homer there are illegal’s in America from other parts of the world than Mexico.] Ask any of them if a Pledge to clean up their government could be openly circulated in their country? Most immigrants come to this country for opportunity, those opportunities can range anywhere from staying alive to becoming a captain of industry. But mostly it’s for the multiple seemingly minuscule freedoms America offers, sometimes it’s the little things that count most. The American people are being denied the right to make those seemingly miniscule decisions on their own by an overly aggressive liberally oriented defiant government. It’s time to end it before it becomes a dictatorship.

The Pledge to America doesn’t contain everything everyone would like. It’s a start and from this start comes negations and compromises; something we haven’t seen coming out of congress in the past four years. The road back to a constitutional government must start somewhere and where better than the 2010 midterm elections? Winning the election will be the first of many steps the GOP must take in order to regain the confidence of the American people. Disassociating the party with the old established congressional arrogance is the next step, congress is supposed to be one representative one vote without corrosion or intimidation. That hasn’t been the case for many years, hopefully the message of the peoples aggravation has gotten through to the Good Old Boys Club.

Obama flying around the county making promises of good things to come has about worn out its welcome with most people. If the GOP doesn’t live up to their promises in the “Pledge to America” they will be handing an open invitation to a third political party in 2012. The Tea Party movement didn’t want to become a third party and fragment votes in the coming election, that can change if the Republican establishment doesn’t change. A new third party made up of Reagan Republicans, Reagan Democrats and Independents could very well make an appreciable difference in the makeup of congress. Two opposites could very well turn into three opposites making it nearly impossible to pass anything but the most simple legislation. This isn’t just a threat it’s a promise if Washington politics doesn’t change to encompass the wants and needs of the people as the people see them then the people will take back their country one election at a time

There hasn’t been a congress quite like the 111th in recent memory.
More meaningless legislation was passed by the 111th congress than ever before, legislation Democrats are now afraid to admit to. The liberal left is finding themselves in a position of having to run away from any affiliation with their president and his policies. For the past two years the left has ignored the voices of the people and listened only to their leader, Barrack Obama now the tide has turned and try as they may they aren’t turning it back. Democrats exhausted about everything they had in the two years leading up to these midterm elections and they have nothing new to offer. While giving Republicans all the ammunition they will need to take back the house and possibly the senate. Unfortunately Obama was a young inexperienced man in a hurry who didn’t take time to think things out. He was out to build his own reputation as he saw it and certainly wasn’t a team player. It seems from all indications Obama sacrificed his own party and his support for a few accolades from a biased media. Now he’s traveling around blowing smoke into the wind trying to sell an unwanted failed agenda to the few foolhardy supporters he has left.

It took more than two years for Jimmy Carter to gain the distain of the public; voters thought he was the worst president the country had ever had. Obama’s running circles around Carter in that respect. When Obama is defeated in his second try for the presidency in 2012 what will he do if defeated? I doubt he’s ever held a construction tool in his hand, manual labor is out. Michelle has the gardening franchise tied up so that’s out. His old Chicago pals aren’t likely to welcome him with open arms, what will Obama do? He has no creditability to become any kind of an elder statesman the way Bill Clinton has. What will he do? Without some pseudo official standing with the American government his Muslim buddies aren’t likely to stand with him. What will he do, maybe work on a new pledge to America?

Voting is only a duty when one understands the issues, voting just to vote is counterproductive. Left or right know the issues and what’s at stake for you personally then vote accordingly.


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