I’ve Gotta Suggestion

By: Keith Allison

It seems to be the policy of our federal government to take on the roll of the Police Officers of the world. Over many years, we’ve sent our Army, Navy, and Air Forces from one end of the world to another; all for the purported purpose of protecting the people of this nation. Outside of the illegal aliens from South America, Central America, and Mexico pouring across our Southern border along with a relative handful sneaking in from various locations in Canada, I don’t believe the continental United States has ever been invaded by a foreign power; that is unless you want to call England an invading power. But, such a description of England would be inaccurate except from the native American Indians perspective. So, since we don’t have any foreign military personnel on our soil except for those who come here for additional training in how to effectively kill their enemies, what, pray tell, is our military forces protecting us from? The only thing I can think of off hand, is our access to foreign oil and a few other products American companies routinely send here for our consumption in one form or another. And, if oil is the primary product we consume from foreign suppliers, that’s a damn poor excuse for sending our troops, sailors, and airmen into harms way just so we can have another barrel of oil from some foreign despot. After all, we do have more proven oil reserves in this country than the rest of the world combined. Besides, why is our less than illustrious occupant of the Whitehouse forcing our domestic oil suppliers to cut back or cease drilling for oil in places like the Gulf of Mexico, but handing over millions upon millions of dollars to foreign leaders for them to drill new oil wells in the same Gulf of Mexico that he’s run our oil business men out of? So, it appears to me that all we’re doing with sending our troops to foreign soil in order to “protect America,” is protecting American and foreign business sources who nationalize our businesses and thereby reap the greatest profits from us protecting them. I know that doesn’t sound very nice, but it sure seems to me be an accurate description.

The Mexican drug cartels appear to me to be one of the greatest dangers to our Republic than some Sheik in the Middle-East denying us access to their oil, or placing such a high price tag on it, that it seems ridiculous to buy the stuff from them when we know for a fact that we could be self sufficient if we would just produce our own oil. And, how about putting a stop to the narcotics trade that pours across our borders from Mexico? The drug cartels don’t hesitate to murder their own people who disagree with their money making drug policies. Don’t forget folks, these vermin think nothing of murdering their own police officers, town mayors, even average every day citizens who disagree with what they’re doing. Sooooo, being a believer in turn about being fair play, I’ve gotta suggestion.

We know that drugs are being smuggled across the border from Mexico into the U.S.; drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and an assortment of other drugs that do nothing but destroy American citizens both physically and mentally. Shouldn’t we be taking the proverbial bull by the horns by getting down to business and doing something about it? I realize this will put a dent in the illicit income of many of our own corrupt politicians, judges and bureaucrats, but if that’s what it takes, so be it. And please, don’t think I’m too foolish or ignorant enough not to believe we have quite a few public servants who routinely profit from this illicit drug trade.

Now, here’s my suggestion. Using boots on the ground along with satellite and thermal imaging devices, any time a “caravan” or even a single person enters this country illegally across our Southern border, why not bring in some “fast movers” loaded with napalm and exercise a scorched earth policy in the desert. A little napalm splashed across the mountain tops out there would either eliminate some of the drug cartels “spotters,” or drive them so far back into the caves they have taken up residence in, they just might come across Alley Oop and a few of his friends. Oh, I know, the greenies throughout the world would revolt and want our heads served on a platter for using such tactics because we might scorch a cactus, a cock roach or, heaven forbid, some vermin from South of the border. But, I say so what! We didn’t hesitate to use such tactics on the Viet Cong as they trundled South down the Ho Chi Minh Trail into South Viet Nam. Yes, we used those tactics on people in their own countries, people who had no way of invading America and do physical or financial harm to this nation. Folks, we’ve used that tactic all over the world, so isn’t it time we use something like that to protect the American public from the invasion from South of our border?

I know, I know. The half-wit running the asylum called the Whitehouse would never permit our military to take such action. From all appearances, it is his intent to physically and financially drag this nation down to the level of a third world country, so he will want to protect those who are aiding him in his endeavors. But, if such a policy were ever put into place, I’d be happy to fly the first strike against some lonely, remote mountain top in Southern Arizona. You never can tell, that might bring a halt to illegal aliens murdering Border Patrol Agents and the residents and owners of the land along our Southern border.

Enough said.

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