What Will Obama Do… When He Gets Booted

By: Ken Hughes

Obama chances of winning a second term as president are somewhere between slim and none. Habitat for Humanity got run out of business by the government who took over building houses for the poor that were bigger better and cheaper. When the government builds a house there’s no sweat equity involved it’s all being built with union labor or no house. So it seems manual labor is out for Obama. Michelle took over agriculture and that requires union labor or “Yes we have no Bananas” [for anyone who doesn’t recognize that phrase it was a song when Neanderthals roamed the earth ] Opportunities in the private sector are somewhat limited to a defrocked lawyer / politician with no gainful experience especially someone whose hearing is incased in his vocal cords.

When George Washington was president fifty one was looking down the road at death. Today fifty one, the age Obama will be when he leaves office is only about two thirds or less of a life expectancy. Minus any unforeseen tragedy that give Obama more than thirty years to look for gainful employment. Let’s rule out statesmen, that’s a little beyond Obama’s pay grade. He could go back to Chicago and resume being a community organizer but “Poor Black Me” isn’t selling as well as it did before Obama came on the national seen. Obama faces a dilemma he’s to old to work for McDonalds and too young to be a Wal-Mart greeter. In 1993 he surrendered his law license, chasing ambulances is out. His four year economic policies destroyed most of his job opportunities in-between, we could say Obama is a victim of his own successes or failures as you choose.

There was a time when former presidents went quietly to their graves by way of golf courses. Periodically they would be called on to make some profound remark about some trivial matter. By in large they kept their mouths shut and their eye on the [golf] ball. The one exception is former presidents and vice presidents are the nations official mourners they attend funerals . Jimmy Carter, the nation’s most inept unqualified president before Barrack Obama, changed all of that, he became a big mouth from day one of his defeat. As Ronald Reagan dug the nation out of the economic hole Carter had put it in Carter was continually making adverse comments predicting gloom and doom if the Reagan policies went forward. Of course we all know how that turned out, the nation bloomed economically and the people were happy once more. About the only thing Obama has picked up on from the Carter years is his gloom and doom syndrome, Obama doesn’t have much good to say about anything or anyone, it seems he must have an advisory of the day in order to function.

Perhaps his disdain for all human beings except himself comes from his adolescent years. He’d been abandoned by his father before birth then moved to a country where he didn’t know the language or understand the culture. Being half black and half white would have been an aberration to Indonesian children something they would have been reluctant to accept. He was further abandoned when his mother dumped him on his grandparents at an early age. Obama’s supposed stand against racism and bigotry doesn’t come from personal experience beyond his own family it comes from the teaching of the racist Black Community he attached himself to in his later adult years. Obama seems to have accepted the premise its better for him to be a King Cat Fish in a muddy pool than be a performing Purpose at Sea World. Years ago traveling preachers, some ordained some not traveled the country side preaching gloom and doom, their message was salvation was only a few contributed dollars away. These preachers of gloom and doom are around today on TV, Radio and in politics. The message remains the same a few contributed dollars and it will all go away, there no one is better at delivering this message than Obama.

What’s going to happen to Obama when he’s no longer the alpha dog. When Obama loses or doesn’t run for a second term he’ll be about as welcome among liberals as aunts at a church picnic. More than likely Obama will be peddling a bicycle around town with his teleprompters sticking out of his back pack looking for an audience. Seriously what future would Obama have, he’s no longer licensed to practice law and it’s doubtful he could get a teaching job with academic credentials much above the Junior College level. That would be quite a fall from president of the United States to be a substitute lecturer at a City College somewhere.

There’s no question Democrats are going to take a shellacking in the midterm elections and when it happens there’s only one person to blame. Set aside what your hearing on the campaign trail Barrack Obama is going to be the person who takes all of the heat for the failure of the Democratic Party to maintain its majority of congress this coming November. Barrack Obama blaming Bush and the GOP two years into his presidency isn’t a winning argument for losing an election. There’s no way of talking over the voice of We the People. Every election we hear of changes that would improve the election process then when the elections are over and the people have spoken we realize the founding fathers got it right the first time. If the constitution were a living document what a screwed up country this would be. Given the cumbersome process of amending the constitution it should remain cast in stone.

The buzz on the internet is Obama doesn’t care about losing his Democratic majority, in the future he intends to use his executive order powers to create new programs . His department heads and the Czars he’s appointed will have legislative powers beyond those of the 112th congress. I suspect the Supreme Court will be working overtime the next two years slamming the door on an overzealous president and his unconstitutional agenda. Some people just never learn their limitations.

Know why you’re voting and be sure to vote, if you’re not sure or don’t understand the issues stay home. This is the most critical election in a century. Please God don’t let us screw it up.


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