Barrack Obama the Magnificent, [Or Not]

By: Ken Hughes

Throughout history there have been men who believed themselves to be the anointed ones. Men who believed they were destined to restructure society to what they believe is the proper balances between master and surfs, Obama is no exception. The average person is notorious for grabbing at things that seem effortless only to find the price to extreme to bear. Beware of the person who begins every sentence with “I or Me” there’s no I in freedom. It’s impossible for one person to have the knowledge to restructure a nation 234 years old with over 300 million citizens accustomed to a constitution that protects them from despots. Obama made any number of promises while campaigning for president and so far he hasn’t kept many the public’s comfortable with. Obama ran for president calling George Bush a lyre, Bill Clinton was prosecuted for lying and Barrack Obama should be. George Bush didn’t lie he repeated some of Clintons and the UN lies, the mainstream media manipulated what Bush supposedly said and an unfortunate barrage of character assignation began. Now it’s Obama’s turn to explain his many gaffes with the truth.

This is the first anniversary of Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Nowhere in the world is there peace or is it any closer today than it was the day George Bush left office. Payment in advance doesn’t always produce the best results. We are inclined to think when Obama thought he was the Magic Negro who could perform miracles because he was the first ethnic president this nation had he somehow missed the mark. After all who would challenge an African American and risk being called a racist, a trump card that hasn’t worked well for Obama. The Obamanistas have pushed racism beyond a level of tolerance and it’s become meaningless it’s one thing to claim poor black me if you’re on bottom but when someone has reached the summit of politics at the behest of the voters it becomes somewhat disingenuous to claim discrimination. More and more it seems Obama’s Teleprompters are sending him the wrong message.

Maybe its time so called minorities put on their big boy pants and became productive citizens and leave racism in the trash bins where it belongs. If minorities are going to accept the benefits this country offers then maybe they should be willing to contribute as well, that particular applies to illegal immigrants. It’s time to stop the whining.

Obama and his army of facilitators seem to have his success stories under control. Let me concentrate on his failures, first there’s health care legislation that’s turning out to be a disaster, a lie unprecedented in recent times. The bail out of the auto industry turned out to be nothing more than a takeover of a major American industry. Ford Motor Company said no thank you and survived GM and Chrysler could have done the same if they had the management team in place Ford had. The George Bush’s TARP bank loans have all been repaid. The stimulus money is as yet unaccounted for and Obama is suggesting more stimulus money be allocated. In these economic conditions doing nothing is better than trying to keep doing something when it costs billions.

There’s a cry across America for the president and congress to stop spending money they don’t have. Every suggestion to cut waste is meeting with suggestions to cut education and benefits to the elderly knowing full well these are things voters won’t accept. Reconfiguring the education system and not put the cuts on the backs of the children is an easy matter. Get rid of the National Teachers Union and the Department of Education sending education back to the states and local control getting the federal government out of the education business. Genius is not a packaged product sent out of Washington.

When a government pretends to be all things to all people its eventual goal is to control all peoples every activity. The twentieth century should have been a lesson for the world, socialism doesn’t work. When a person is free to peruse his or her dreams the whole world benefits, when there are no dreams and creativity is left to committees no one benefits. Albert Einstein the father of the Atomic age left Germany in the 1930s because he wasn’t allowed to publish his thoughts, according to Hitler Jews were incapable of creative thought. There are hundreds of examples equally as disturbing where government has suppressed individual expression because it didn’t fit their norm. Freedom is always preceded by oppression. The Tea Party movement is a classic example of the people rising up in protest of a government losing contact with its citizens. Public discontent was the fuel that lit the fires of the American Revolution that same discontent is building up today. The Minute Men and their flintlock rifles have been replace with the Tea Party and the ballot box the results will be the same never the less. The Red Coats [liberals] will be defeated once more.

Barrack Obama has divided America into ethnic minority groups leaving out the white middle class minority or as he prefers to think of them as the taxable group. The recipient groups, African Americans, Hispanics, Academics, Environmentalists, Union Members, pretty much anyone who has a distain for hard work and an ax to grind has become an Obamanista. On the way to the free party these dependent groups are discovering there’s a price to pay after all, it’s called personal freedom. Every food stamp application, every welfare check and every housing application has a long list of do’s and don’ts the recipients must agree and adhere to if they are to be favored with an approval. Obama grew up dependent on the state, he doesn’t know any better but some of his advisors must know without a producing class there’s nothing for the dependent class to draw from.

This isn’t the first time frustration has effected an election, Jimmy Carter rode into the Whitehouse Cross in hand spouting religious redemption for his true believers. The defeat in Vietnam and growing economic crises was what made Carter the savior of the day, like Obama Carter was all talk and no substance. After Carters defeat Mamma Carters Peanut Farm went into bankruptcy and Jimmy when on the road capitalizing on his failed administration’s policies. Carter’s audiences’ were small third world dictatorships but for some former politicians where there’s an ear there’s opportunity. Will Obama follow Carter down that same road?
Minus Habitat for Humanities, I doubt a hammer would fit in Obamas hand.

we need to clean our congressional house, even if it’s one room at a time [election.] Taking back the house in 2010 then concentrating of the senate and presidency in 2012 will put America back on track. Know what your voting for when you understand the issues is sure to vote, if not stay home.


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