A Fox in the Henhouse

By: William P. Frasca

It seem as though our sacred rights and freedom are sometimes taken for granted, or have we become oblivious to the numbing effects of each and everyone of them slowly being diminished from our lives. Our freedoms are forever being tested, by the evil carpetbaggers within our own Country and the world. History has justified our self defense, and we defeated these tyrants every time we were maliciously attacked. There are always consequences when we become complacent, because the price of freedom is never free or cheap.

We are presently witnessing in our present form of Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic rule, the total sellout our elected government, which is slowly strangling and absorbing our precious rights in the name of robbing Peter and giving it to Paul. This false atmosphere of hope is disgracing and destroying not only our heritage but our future.

This article is not going to reiterate the continued mockery that our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has inflicted on this Great Nation and its people, because the evidence truly supports his absolute belief in these established principles, etch in his own “Wizard of OZ” ideology. His stubborn attitude of relinquishing nothing, compounded with total ignorance relating to the concerns and wishes of the majority, proves he is either a fool or a strong believer. He is willing to risk his Presidency for the absurd ultimate rhetoric and anti-American philosophy of re-distributing the wealth of all its citizens, including all policies, bills and procedures geared in creating a Socialistic/Communistic society.

The fact most astonishing, which leaves some reasonable doubt, is the lack of investigation, which was illogically performed on his candidacy. This also included each candidate swept in by his coat tails that created this tragic American nightmare. Did the speeches “Obama the Candidate” read and projected from his teleprompter, together with his shamefully owned “back pocket” liberal media, carved a strong hypnotic trace of regal glorification that it overwhelmingly carried into office the King and his Court?

If you distinctively listened to his words, cutting away all the propaganda, he repeatedly stated his constant use and over kill of the word “Change”. Even his slogan stated “Change You Can Believe In”. In fact he never denied his desire of being a modern day Robin Hood, by literally taking from the “haves” and giving it to the “have nots”? Such as the famous question directed to him by “Joe the Plumber” in which Obama’s answer described his clear cut objectives and goals set for his future Administration. His answer to “Joe the Plumber” was a sign so big and apparent that any logical individual with the minimum amount of intelligence should have realized its understood meaning.

Naturally, you will always have the walking dead and mindless zombies that will vote for an openly announced labeled Democratic candidate, even if their names are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Who could blame some of them? Especially when their livelihood of full and complete government entitlements are at risk, and voting against the Liberal Democratic status quo, might be a hazard to ones free ride in life, living off the blood, sweat, and tears of someone else.

This doesn’t include the well deserving. The unfortunate American citizen or legal alien, “the illegal aliens have no rights” and definitely have no privileges, that are experiencing forced hardships, of finding themselves in an awkward position, of being jobless, with no fault of their own, especially during this unstable runaway regressive economy. This must also include, the disabled, or a death of spouse, who suddenly and without warning leaves their family behind, minus a lifetime partner and much needed parent.

These individuals directly or indirectly contributed into these mandatory and compulsory government programs, which were basically and originally established as Social Insurance Policies. They should absolutely, positively never be undermined or unreasonably or illegitimately withheld from these legal benefits.

It boggles the mind to hear and see some so called undesignated unstable individuals, interviewed, whether they’re a plant or not, identifying themselves as well informed potential voters, in this next mid-term general election, still singing praises of President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Socialist army.

They seem to be so engrossed in their irrational opinions and expressions that they are still claiming that every mismanaged negligent structure we are experiencing was the fault of President George W. Bush. Yet they claim no announced dedication to any political party affiliations or are a member of any union, which compounds the skepticism and increases the confusion. These questions must be asked, “Who are these people”? “Where did these individuals come from?

This proves there are outside forces out there, who still unquestionably believe in the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic ideology and philosophy which not only places Obama as the new American Mao Tse-Tung, relinquishing him from any liability or responsibility, memorizing and chanting his words, placing him on a solid gold pedestal, with the potentiality of erecting statues and dedicating his name on schools, roads and buildings.

They truly believe in the Messiah complex or a twenty-first century Mosses syndrome as, leaving us out of the their self proclaimed “Capitalistic desert” of greed, dishonesty and enslavement and into the fantasized promised land of “Total Socialistic Liberal Dominance” with our freedoms completely stripped, with entire federal takeover of all private businesses and services, destroying our unalienable rights, manipulating our health, education, and wealth while totally demolishing our dignity, together with abolishing any sacred principles relating to a government of, by, and for the people.

These counter productive hidden Progressives must be taken seriously, and must never be disregarded. Their empty rhetoric and spin could easily sway the uninformed, naive, uneducated and the disinterested, by convincing them to join their instability. They are true fanatics, in every sense of the word that will swallow the Kool Aide, in a moments notice if given the correct single word from their leadership, be careful America they are dangerous, and have no remorse or respect for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believe in total control.

Remember the mistakes made during the last Presidential, Senate and Congressional general election, and say to yourself, “Fool me once shame on you, “Fool me twice shame on me”.

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