Obama The Man Who Can’t Shout Straight

By: Ken Hughes

It’s gotten to the point nearly everything Obama promises are something he has no intention of delivering. No one likes to call their president a fraud but sometimes there’s no alternative. Obama is a fraud and there’s no other way to describe him and still be civil about it. After twenty months of Obama floundering around in the oval office trying to play president, it’s becoming obvious even to his most ardent supporters he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing. The presidency is the biggest toy chest ever devised and Obama is doing his best to play with every one of them as fast as possible. Nancy Pelosi the wicked witch of San Francisco spotted Obama for what he was before he was elected president. Obama was her opportunity to reintroduce all of the socialist [aka] progressive programs that had previously been rejected. Pelosi knew Obama was all talk and no substance, she also knows he was an easy person to manipulate, all she had to do was stroke his ego by making him thinks he not she was in charge.

Barrack Obama is like a Fa*t in a Squirrel Cage he keeps running around in circles stinking things up. The 111th congress blew their original momentum on a bunch of meaningless legislation the public was opposed to. They misjudged their majority status as being a mandate of the people rather than the people’s rejection of the way congress had been operating for decades. The public bought Obama’s promise to go to Washington and restructure the government to represent the people rather than politicians, all of the people not just his people. Changing Washington turned out to be another of Obama’s sugar coated lies.

Obama’s out campaigning, not for any particular congress persons most of them are avoiding him like he’s a plague. Obama is trying to sell Obama. Without at least one house of congress controlled by Democrats Obama is going to be the lamest duck president this country has ever seen. He’s going to be busy vetoing ninety percent of revisions of legislation he was able to push through congress in 2009 and 2010. It isn’t likely Obama will be fantasizing about his legacy for the next two years.

Most Democrats running for congress have set Obama off the back burner onto a stump far out in the woods not wanting to have anything to do with him. Any Democrat who thinks they have a remote chance of being reelected isn’t getting within screaming distance of Obama, some like Russ Feingold are reaching out to the Tea Party for support. In fifty years of observing politics I haven’t seen as many Conservative Democrats as I’m seeing this election. Harry Reid’s son has rejected Obama care and a number of other Obama failures. I wonder how that revolution is going to go over at Thanksgiving Dinner at the Reid house.

Rush Limbaugh said when Obama was sworn in he hoped Obama fails. Nearly everything Limbaugh says is fuel to fire up the mainstream Medias negativity. The next day after Limbaugh’s words had the desired effect he went on to say he hoped the Obama agenda fails not Obama personally. That’s what Limbaugh said that’s not necessarily what he meant. Limbaugh wasn’t alone hoping the Obama agenda wouldn’t see the light of day, for those who understood economics, socialism and spoiled children the Obama outcome was a given.

Barrack Obama has been out demonizing Republican candidates using some of the most preposterous unfounded claims we’ve heard during this election campaign. It’s well know Obama operates from an enemies list that changes daily, this isn’t an established list like Nixon had. It’s one of those floaters that changes at the bat of an eye. With Obama yesterdays buddy can be tomorrow’s villain, no one is safe from his verbal attacks. Could it be the reason so many of Obamas close associates are leaving is because they know the morning of November 3rd isn’t going to be the beginning of the Yuletide season around the Whitehouse. It’s going to be testy for quite some time and the smart ones don’t want to get caught in Obama’s cross hairs.

I enjoy discussing [arguing if you like] politics, I’ve always felt the more views I hear the better informed I become. These days it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who still believes is the Obama dream. Even a number of my black acquaintances are beginning to make excuses for Obama’s failure to gain the trust of the messes. One black gentleman I’ve known for years admitted to me how disappointed he was in the number of black politicians who’ve been disgracing their communities with their thuggish behavior. Two years age he was proud of this Harvard educated young black man who would bring the races together and form a coalition to govern as one nation. My friend’s disappointment in Obama and his ilk brings tears to his eyes as he reluctantly admits blacks have become the racists and white voters have become the victims.

Its evident conservatives are going to win the day November 2nd , that doesn’t mean a landslide for the Republican Establishment. If the Tea Party supported candidates are going to embrace the Republican Party then the party must become embraceable. The old Republican establishment can’t survive in this new conservative environment. Congress is going to have to shed the elitist posture and get back to one congress person one vote [sans] intimidation. It’s time for congress to consider a constitutional amendment establishing term limits to prevent future cabals from forming in congress. Not including term limits in the constitution was one of the few mistakes the founding father made writing the rules for this new nation.

No one is quite sure just who created the Democratic strategy for this election. It’s doubtful whoever it was is likely to be the guest speaker at their national convention. This week Nancy Pelosi is using one of the Republican strong points in her television appearances “No more defect spending.” Just speculating but will Pelosi’s next claim be it was Republican congress persons responsible for the 4 trillion dollar deficit, or perhaps George Bush? Who’s going to take the fall for Democrats making such a poor showing this election? It should be Obama, Reid and Pelosi, Obama and Pelosi will survive 2010. Harry Reid is likely to be the one who gets kicked out of the club and then gets blamed, poor Harry he was just following orders.

2010 is only the beginning, the next two years will determine just how concerned the public is about the corruption in their government and how willing they are to clean it up. Americans don’t go to the streets to address grievances they go to the ballot box to express their dissatisfaction.


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