The Left is Out of Ammunition

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s almost a certainty that the Democrats are going to lose control of the House of Representatives, and it’s a possibility that the Senate will fall to the GOP as well. Things have gotten so bad for the Democrats that they have pulled their money out of several races in important swing states. They’ve all but given up on Ohio, a bellwether state if there ever was one, and are now reduced to defending Democrats in states and districts that they thought that they would never have to spend money on. This makes for a desperate situation and desperate people do irrational things.

The Democrats know that they can’t run on their record, everyone hates it. They hate Obamacare, they hate cap and trade, they hate the stimulus, they hate the debt, they hate the bailouts, I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Democrats are running scared. Whenever possible Democrats denounce their own party and its leadership. No Democrat can run a campaign these days without speaking out against speaker Pelosi, and they don’t want to be seen anywhere near President Obama.

What is a Democrat to do? When all else fails reach for the old playbook. We all know the routine by now, after all, the Democrats have been using the same election strategies for the last 40 years. The GOP is nothing but the tool of big business, Republicans are witches who eat babies, we want to destroy the constitution, put children to work in factories, make people work 90 hours a week for 2.00 dollars a week, we all know the drill by now. Apparently the Democrats didn’t get the memo. Except for the most dimwitted of voters the playbook doesn’t work anymore.

Everyone is tired of the class warfare, and race baiting rhetoric. It might stir up the Democratic base(see dimwitted voters) but it no longer has any appeal to mainstream voters. The charge of racism, for example, has been thrown around so often that, aside from the professional race mongers at the NAACP, no one listens anymore. No one listens about the GOP being shills for the rich either. All the rhetoric just doesn’t hold up. Big business is more likely to give to a Democratic candidate, or cause, than they are to a Republican one. So the Democrats are reduced to making things up, or using tactics that went out of date 30 years ago.

The Democrats thought that they had struck gold when they found out that the Chamber of Commerce had overseas donors. Now, all of the sudden, these congressional races were being financed by overseas capitalists intent on restoring an evil GOP plutocracy. It’s pretty pathetic when even the New York Times won’t drink the Democratic Kool-aid. The truth is that the Chamber does have overseas members, but so do other advocacy groups, like labor unions and the Sierra Club. These overseas members are a small minority who couldn’t fund a dozen house races let alone an entire election. And if the Democrats want to play that game then why won’t they talk about all the money President Clinton got from the Chinese for his reelection bid in 1996? And what about all of those mysterious, anonymous, online donors that funded President Obama’s 2008 race?

Then there was, shock of shocks, the revelation that campaign ads used actors! Please, that the Democrats even brought this up show what a bunch of desperate, delusional, degenerates they are. Did the Democrats really think that the people in campaign ads were really John Q. Public? And are they saying that they don’t use actors for their ads? One ad that they singled out was for the West Virginia Senate race. In it three guys are in a diner talking about how we can’t afford Joe Manchin to be the next Senator? The problem? Why they’re actors, the ad wasn’t even filmed in West Virginia,(it was filmed in Philadelphia) and the actors were dressed in flannel, overalls and John Deere hats. I’m from West Virginia and I can honestly say that there was nothing offensive in that ad. There are people in West Virginia who dress that way, as there are people in any state with a large rural population who dress that way.

The Democrats don’t care. They don’t have any new ideas, they can’t run on their record, so all they can do is go negative, through enough mud at the wall and hope something sticks. It might work. Several races that we comfortable leads for the GOP are narrowing, though this is more likely do to the fact that most races tighten up the closer election day is, than it is the success of the Democratic message. The Republicans have the momentum, but can’t be overconfident. If they allow an eleventh hour attempt by a bunch of desperate socialists to stir up their base so that GOP gains are not what they could have been they have no one to blame but themselves.

There is no guarantee as to what is going to happen on Nov 2, except that the voters are going to send a message. The message they have been sending all year is that they want change, they want new leadership and they don’t trust the Democrats. The Republicans can’t afford to have that message change by Democratic lies, and distortions.

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