Large Wave of New Candidates Oppose Comprehensive Amnesty for Illegals


ALIPAC is now endorsing and consolidating voters, volunteers, and donors behind 23 new federal Republican challengers who have completed surveys indicating they oppose any change in existing federal law that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in America.

“Today’s endorsements set a new record for ALIPAC. We are now supporting more candidates than ever.” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “These candidates are the ones who are truly listening to the American people instead of the elite special interests who are trying to destroy America with an illegal alien Amnesty!”

ALIPAC is now supporting more candidates than in any prior election cycle, and has also set a new record for the number of times the organization’s endorsements have been viewed by the public. ALIPAC is raising funds in the hopes of launching an online advertising campaign to reach many more Americans and that will showcase the federal candidates who will defeat amnesty and illegal immigration.

The following candidates are being endorsed because their campaigns took the time to complete ALIPAC’s 2010 Candidate Survey and their responses indicate they stand with the vast majority of Americans who want enforcement instead of Amnesty.

ALIPAC’s 2010 Federal Candidate Endorsements

Many of these great candidates are running against illegal alien Amnesty supporting members of Congress. Please visit our main endorsement page to access their website and ALIPAC survey results…

Marty Lamb (R-MA-3), Dick Muri (R-WA-9), Lisbeth “Liz” Carter (R-GA-4), Peter J. Corrigan (R-OH-10), Fenn Little (R-GA-5), Raymond G. Wardingley (R-IL-1), Larry Andre (R-CA-39), Mike Philips (R-MD-, John W. Willoughby (R-HI-2), Israel Vasquez (R-IL-4), Jill Rowland (R-NY-2, Gerald Hashimoto (R-CA-9), Dr. Gerry Dembrowski (R-MA-7), K. Bruce Brown (R-CA-35), Paul Beaudry (R-VT), Karen Harrington (R-FL-20), Eddie Zamora (R-TX-15), Jim Russell (R-NY-1, Vernon Harrison (R-MA-9), Mark Zaccaria (R-RI-2), Leonard A. Roberto (R-NY-27), Robert Broadus (R-MD-4), Michael “Mike” Yost (R-FL-3)

For more information about ALIPAC, our candidates, illegal immigration, Amnesty, the current political revolution in America, or to schedule interviews please visit us at

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