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October 18, 2010

New Taliban terror threat concerns U.S. security, law enforcement officials

Filed under: War On Terror - 18 Oct 2010

Senior U.S. intelligence, security and law enforcement officials are concerned over recent intelligence and “chatter” that strongly suugests the Pakistani Taliban may have already snuck another terrorist into the U.S. to launch an attack, according to Fox News Channel’s National …

Obama Can’t Govern By Lying

Filed under: Politics In General - 18 Oct 2010

Barrack Obama is a modern day Archie Bunker, Ralph Norton with a touch of Barney Fife neatly packaged into one superman who was going to move the mountains of despair and turn America into a Utopia. Enough misguided souls found …

Westboro Baptist Church and the Ten-Mile Proposition

The Westboro Baptist Church… need I say more? The nation watches as the Supreme Court deliberates on the limits of free speech in America involving the right of families to bury the dead in peace versus the need of the …