Obama Can’t Govern By Lying

By: Ken Hughes

Barrack Obama is a modern day Archie Bunker, Ralph Norton with a touch of Barney Fife neatly packaged into one superman who was going to move the mountains of despair and turn America into a Utopia. Enough misguided souls found Obama appealing enough to elect him president. The mainstream media had a modern day Abraham Lincoln to promote, no achievement was going to be too large and difficult for the medias new hero to tackle. To put it in terms of Obama’s old neighborhood in Chicago, “He be da Man”. To others he was just one more black bigot rising out of the ghetto to flaunt his new found powers over the masses.

Obama made many promises while campaigning for president, one in-particular was to unite the races and make America one working together for peace, unity and equality. He’s managed to accomplish quite the opposite by dividing and segmenting minorities into separate classes by skin tone and ethnicity. Even blacks from southern countries / islands are classified by their cultural differences. Obama has managed to create a new race war in America without him personally calling for such a thing. Obama’s learned how to use surrogates to do his bedding leaving him with a shield of deniability. His race war has backfired, what had been a pleasant working relationship between the various ethnic groups has now turned into distrust and out right hatred within the ethnic communities. Obama has fumbled America back to the race bating 1960’s for no apparent reason other than to prove he is the man.

When Obama assumed office the economy sputtered as it does with every new administration, ether Obama panicked or he saw an opportunity to further his socialist agenda, ether way his close advisors encouraged him not to let the opportunity slip away. He began creating the largest down turn in Americas history since the great depression of the 1930’s.

How does Obama manage to manipulate facts to represent the furthest things from the truth? Obama is the quintessential Snake Oil Salesman. He can sell sand in the Sahara and ice in Alaska given the opportunity. Truth in advertising isn’t something that concerns Obama, he’s more into let the buyer beware mentality. Obama’s promises are made and discarded every day, the majority of the public has learned not to trust anything Obama says. Now the question is how does America rid itself of this aberration of a president and still stay within the confines of the constitution and Americans pension for decency. The answer of course is the ballot box, in two years if Obama hasn’t packed up and run for the woods by then the voters can and will decide his fate.

Many engrained dictatorships are able to maintain control of the masses by their uses of a military beholding to the leaders. The American military are citizen volunteers, they’re beholding to only two things God and Country and of these things they are passionate about. Their unshakable commitment goes back to the Minute Men of the American Revolution, Many of the man and women in civilian life are veterans or families of veterans they too are committed to the America way and it is not as Obama would have it. The America that’s developing after two years of Obamanomics isn’t the America Obama promised on the campaign trail. Was Obama lying then, is he lying now or has he always been lying?

Truth and Obama will never share another Nobel Prize for anything. Obama has pretty much blown it among International leaders. Obama has turned the leaders of the world into skeptics or outright advisories. America had always been the pillar that stood between total caucus and reasonable sanity around the world, that security vanished the day Obama was elected. Today all America represents at the insistence of the public is a nation trying to find a way to a mend.

Is it possible it was God’s plan to allow this young inexperienced arrogant upstart Obama to be elected president of Gods favorite nation to show its citizens just how good they were having it? Political Correctness says I shouldn’t invoke Gods views into my observations because it may be offensive to a few, as long as I don’t offend God I could care less who I offend.

Two hundred forty [240] years ago in 1770 a group of men stood up to the muskets of the British empire and declared their desire to gain independence. The battle for independence took nine years until 1789 when the British surrendered to General Washington’s Army. In twenty months Obama and his cronies in congress have set America back 240 years to another dictatorial regime or at least he’s trying to do so. All of the idioms liberals have added to the interpretations of the constitution can’t change what the founding fathers said and swore to so long ago, nor should they.

Complacency is the fuel that fires despots and dictators. Next comes propaganda. Freedom of expression wasn’t something created for the constitution it had been a mainstay among most of the Colonies from the beginning. A free press was a natural extension of that right, today much of the mainstream media has become dupes liberalism. The founding father intended news reporting be unbiased and accurate, somewhere along the line that has been lost to be replaced by patricianism. It seems today news is a battle of ideologies between the right and the left, fortunately there are enough news providers every opinion gets a shot at the vast audiences. News has become an international commodity provided for profit, that’s not necessarily a bad thing it makes the providers work harder to capture an audience.

The difference in viewers between Sean Hannity of Fox Cable News and Chris Mathews of MSNBC proves the facts determines audience participation. Hannity is on top and Mathews struggles to get noticed, Hannity is honest in his right leaning bias, Mathews is a proven lyre out to sell his liberal bias. Please don’t misunderstand me the Media needs lyres so honest reporting has something to base their facts on. Opinions based on only one view are pretty much useless in determining the facts.

If this seems to have been a harsh assessment of Mr. Obama that’s the way it was meant to be. I have no faith in anything this man says or does. I hope the voters in 2010 and 2012 will agree and vote accordingly.


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