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October 19, 2010

What Have Republicans Accomplished Since Reagan?

Filed under: The Republicans - 19 Oct 2010

By Glen Goodrum

If you look at what the Republicans have accomplished since Reagan. It becomes clear that the Republican Party was controlled by progressive liberals and the Democratic Party controlled by left-wing liberals, because no real conservative agenda was accomplished …

Can Republicans Govern Honestly

Filed under: The Republicans - 19 Oct 2010

It seems likely Republicans will at least take the house and perhaps the senate. A Republican dominated congress isn’t necessarily a guarantee of good government, we’ve been down that road before and it hasn’t worked. Hopefully there will be enough …

Liberal’s Disdain for Everyday Americans

I am continually amazed by the arrogance of liberals and how “little” they think of us. Fifteen years working at a TV station, a liberal propaganda factory, I am familiar with their snooty mindset. “The general public are unsophisticated yahoos.”