Can Republicans Govern Honestly

By: Ken Hughes

It seems likely Republicans will at least take the house and perhaps the senate. A Republican dominated congress isn’t necessarily a guarantee of good government, we’ve been down that road before and it hasn’t worked. Hopefully there will be enough Tea Party backed candidates who understand they‘re in the people’s houses not the elected house. The whole purpose of the Tea Party movement is to bring government back to the people, something that’s been missing for a long time. There’s a Good Old Boys Club in congress that rules the roost so to speak, that rule must be challenged and disbanded if the will of the people is to be recognized again.

Be mindful when a candidate promotes their longevity and experience as a qualification think about it, it’s been longevity and experience that created many of the problems they’re swearing to change. This applies to Democrats as well, they’re all guilty of participating in the same unsavory behavior. Washingtonians don’t always hear the howls from the hinterlands and when they do they don’t recognize the language. Legalese is the language of Washington it’s a language very few outsiders are ever permitted to learn. Legalese is the way politicians say one thing for public consumption then draft laws that say the opposite. Behind every law congress passes are a dozen loopholes for a privileged few to jump through. Don’t believe for a moment Wall Street and Corporate America are at odds with congress, they’re more than kissing kin their lovers.

It’s doubtful freshman congress persons can turn the Washington Republican establishment around in one election. It’s going to take two and perhaps three election to get the job done effectively. It’s going to take an active Tea Party movement the next six years to reeducate the Washington establishment this is the people government not theirs. This also applies to the bureaucrats and lobbyists who grease the wheels of government. For far to long congress has been allowed to run wild and unchecked. They’ve been allowed to build an internal bureaucracy accountable only to them and not to the public. Government employees have become one of the most privileged classes in this country with no end in sight. Republican congress persons are equally responsible along with Democrats they all feed at the same table while the public eats their scraps.

Critics of the Tea Party movements claim they are over the top being Red, White and Blue, their blood is red, their skins are white their purpose is true patriotic blue, all things liberals detest. They’re right they are the American patriots the countries been missing for so many years. It was a Tea Party movement that started this country on the way to becoming a nation of freedom loving patriots. It’s the Tea Party movement that will bring it back from the edge of destruction. Liberals teach patriotism and the word of God are two of the seven deadly sins, conservatives know a nation cannot long survive without a belief in a higher power than themselves. The country put its faith in Barrack Obama and is paying dearly for that decision. Now it’s time to look to God for direction. There’s nothing happening today that hasn’t happened before, all we need to do is look back for guidance seeing how it was resolved in the past and adapt it to the present.

This is such a magnificent country mere mortals shouldn’t be allowed to mess it up. America from it geology to its social structure and its commitment to individuality makes it a unique place for men to reside and build a life. When persons who don’t appreciate what America is all about it’s time for the Tea Parties to step up to the plate and challenge the evils facing it. There are some who don’t believe in America the way most do, they’re the ones who put self-interest over the interests of the many. Too many of these self prompters have been in congress to long and should be voted out. Totally changing congress is a three election cycle, changing the minds of ultra liberal congress persons can’t be accomplished in two elections. Liberalism follows the flow of public opinion and only expresses its concerns when survival is at stake. When the waters are calm and the challenges are slim or none is when they come out to mess things up.

Elections are experiments in unproven claims and further experiments in tolerances for un-kept promises. Politicians of both parties rely on the inconsistencies of politics to slide them through the campaign process to an eventual seat at the table. Once there they face a whole new set of challenges, one of acceptance by the old guard of congress. The constitution says one legislator one vote without corrosion or other pressures that of course is a pollyanna view of the realities of the modern congress. Perhaps the pollyanna view is the correct view for a change what’s going on in congress now isn’t working. Confidence in congress the president and the entire government are at an all time low point. Maybe an election cycle based on pollyanna politics isn’t such a bad idea, liberalism hasn’t worked nor has the later day version of conservatism worked. Whoever said “he who governs least governs best” had it right.

Being the eternal optimist I’m expecting the old Republican establishment will have interpreted the tea leaves and realized it’s a new day and the old ways no longer fit the needs and desires of the people. If that’s the case and the Tea Party has Democrats on the run looking for holes to hide in then the American people will have won the first round. In order to win the second and third rounds the Republican establishment must adopt a new philosophy of how to perform their congressional responsibilities. They must recognize it’s not them looking over us, it’s us looking over them and that every two years we the voters have the power of selecting our congress persons.

I am a fan of Ronald Reagan he may have been our best ever president but that was then and this is now, things change and the old ways no longer fit. Today we have a new conservative movement that fit’s the times, it’s the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party movement in one year has totally devastated a president who considered himself unchallengeable. The Tea Party has taken Liberalism to the bottom rungs of the political ladder with no hope of climbing back up. This has been possible because of the way the Obamanistas treated the public as though they were stupid without a right to think. The power seekers read the amendments to the constitution without ever reading the seven articles of the constitution. Those seven articles along with the tenth amendment unequivocally state what the government can’t do and that’s what the Obamanistas are missing.

Every vote counts, intelligent well informed votes count most. Political Party votes count least or not at all, this election isn’t about political parties it’s about Americas survival.


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