What Have Republicans Accomplished Since Reagan?

By: Guest Authors

By Glen Goodrum

If you look at what the Republicans have accomplished since Reagan. It becomes clear that the Republican Party was controlled by progressive liberals and the Democratic Party controlled by left-wing liberals, because no real conservative agenda was accomplished during the last 30 years.

What has happened is that the progressive liberals in the Republican Party have put up a figure head president that the liberal press could label as conservatives and painted the whole Republican Party conservative. Why did they do this?

To turn the independents against conservatism to win their vote. I have got to say that it worked like a charm. Many people were fooled by it including myself.

After World War II, conservatism ruled the government in America, by the time that Jimmy Carter was in office. They had paid off the national debt. Also during this time. The humanist society had been busy organizing many other liberal organizations and supporting people like Maureen O’Hara to remove prayer from the schools. They gain control of most of the mainstream press and when that happened. They really took off now that the press was now able to back up the lies and half-truths being given out by the political liberals.

For the last 30 years they have been working in conjunction trying to demonize conservatism. Why? When the USSR fell many communist socialist join the humanist society and other liberal organizations, bringing with them new techniques for spreading atheists and agnostics agendas also doing the same thing to many liberal organizations.

A lot of people alive today in America are not old enough to remember the evils of Communist socialism in the long hard cold war we fought with them. Nor do the young people understand the evils of socialism, which wraps itself around, a slogan of. We just want to help the people and the children. Because of this many are embracing Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s version of socialism.

Socialism does not work has never worked . The longer a country is ruled under socialism. The worst things become. Fidel Castro has said recently on TV that socialism in Cuba has been a failure. But I can remember Cuba being given to me as an example of socialism working.

The Democrats and Obama are trying to redistribute the American wealth to other countries. And when they finished, we will just be like every third world country. Only those in control will be rich with no real middle class and a very poor, poor class.

Thank God, many Americans are beginning to see the writing on the wall and are now opposing political liberals, globalist, progressives and socialist. I do not belong to the Tea Party but I support them. What I want to see is a true conservative party. If the Republican Party can be taken back from the progressive liberals fine if not we still need a kick all the liberals out and replace them with conservatives.

We stand at the crossroads of history. Never has America been in greater peril from its enemy’s because they are not without but within.

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