ALIPAC Response to False Attacks from The Hill & Politico


This morning we find a false propaganda attack in your article titled ‘Race Of The Day Arizona 8 written by Sean J. Miller on Oct. 18, 2010. This attack was quickly followed by a backup assault by Kasie Hunt of Politico.

It appears that in one final desperate measure to hold on, the liberal Democratic establishment around Washington is trying a final race card hail Mary play!

The Hill and Politico should understand that Americans and groups that oppose illegal immigration are neither anti-immigrant or Nazis.

Both The Hill and Politico have ignored ALIPAC’s over 160 standing Federal endorsements that include Democrats and Republicans alike along with incumbents and challengers to attack the campaign of Jesse Kelly in Arizona…

The ethics of journalism would dictate that Sean J. Miller and Kasie Hunt should have contacted Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or an officer of our group for an official response before printing accusations against us. This rule of fair play and journalistic integrity was disregarded by Mr. Miller and The Hill because we were never contacted.

If we had been contacted we would have pointed out that Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is named thus because we are supported by many legal immigrants who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty. It is fairly obvious, for anyone who takes a fair look at our record that we seek to give a voice to those legal immigrants who stand with the majority of Americans that want our borders secured.

In the political attack piece published by The Hill and Sean J. Miller, there is a false claim sourced to the John McCain campaign and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Both Senator John McCain and the Anti-Defamation League are solidly on the record supporting Amnesty for illegal immigrants, which classifies them as our political opponents since ALIPAC opposes Amnesty.

The false and defamatory claim by The Hill, Mr. Miller, McCain, and the ADL is that ALIPAC “disseminates its message with virulent, anti-immigrant rhetoric.” This is false and ALIPAC has constantly fought to recruit more support from legal immigrants, tried to represent the views of most legal immigrants, and has made the constant clarification of concerns being directed at illegal immigration. Hundreds of articles and talk radio show archives across the web, including our Platform at clearly avows our support for immigration and immigrants.

It appears that The Hill, John McCain, and Sean J. Miller are contending that ALIPAC’s immigrant supporters are the “anti-immigrant immigrants”!

We are further maligned by the statement that McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said the group is “is backed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.”

Someone wrote something favorable about some of our stances on a white supremacist website without our knowledge or consent or acceptance and we are suddenly backed by Nazis?

So the fact that our internal polling shows 22% of ALIPAC’s supporters are minorities, the fact that our organization has clearly stated in writing and via broadcast that only those who share our inclusive agenda are welcome in our group, in spite of the fact that I have repeated hundreds of times at hundreds of podiums and microphones that “We believe it will take Americans of every race, party, and walk of life to solve our illegal immigration crisis” matters not!

My prior work in the minority communities of my state and my efforts behind civil rights campaigns are never mentioned when dishonest and unscrupulous people want to call me or my organization names.

What The Hill, Mr. Miller, McCain, and the ADL are attempting to do here is to deprive all Americans who would like to organize behind a multi-racial and peaceful organization, that opposes the Amnesty agenda, with the right to do so without brutal defamation. The kind of defamation being used here, I might add, is the kind of defamation that can lead to violence against those defamed.

Isn’t it ironic that the Anti Defamation League, which claims they formed to prevent all groups of people from being defamed, with special focus on preventing the kind of defamation that preceded the Holocaust against the Jews is now engaging in the same kind of defamation against groups that oppose their political agenda?

How many times are you, illegal immigration and Amnesty supporters going to lie about good Americans who are trying to make a difference in their nation the proper way? It is no wonder that America is suffering so much and so many of the great things our nation has accomplished stand in jeopardy, when we see people at publications like The Hill willing to throw any ethics, concern for the truth, or integrity out the door for political gain.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s (D-Ariz.) is in danger of losing her seat because she is wrong on many issues, including her support for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens. Republican Jesse Kelly has been endorsed by ALIPAC because his positions favoring immigration and border enforcement are more closely aligned with the views of a vast majority of Americans.

You can call us false names such as ‘anti-immigrant’, ‘racist’, or whatever ethnically derogatory term you want to use against us, however, it will not change the fact that you are lying and are a hazard for American voters who want the facts before they vote.

Until The Hill, Politico, Sean J. Miller, and Kasie Hunt make a public apology to our organization, and specifically our minority, Jewish, and legal immigrant supporters, we will place their publications on the long list of radical left wing propaganda rags that belong near the top of the lost credibility media scrap heaps.

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