Cash and Burn

By: Guest Authors

By: Glen Goodrum

The economy is not going to get better soon, liberal politicians and the liberal press have been setting things up for over 28 years to produce the results that you see today. It took liberal politicians in both parties to get us where we are today. Our fight, our battle should not be Democrats against Republicans, but the liberal politicians and their followers.

To help push us over the edge they repealed the Glass-Steagall act. In 1999. The Glass-Steagall act was set up to stop a housing and banking crash.

Liberal politicians have allowed the federal government to grow to a point where it cannot be supported by taxes and they have allowed so many entitlements that they have to borrow over a trillion dollars a year to finance them.

Anybody with half a brain can figure out that this will only work for so long and that is as long as you can keep borrowing money and printing money

China has been loaning us money every year for over 28 years this money starts to become due in 2012. Up to now, we have only paid interest on it. Ask yourself what is going to happen, when this money starts becoming due and has to be paid back every year for 30 more years? Some thing’s got to give, how can we sustain the entitlements that the liberals have set up? Can we still continue to spend and borrow? I do not think so.

While everybody is upset about what the political liberals have done to the economy. There really only seeing a tip of the iceberg. Things are much worse than what most people imagine. And if liberal politicians and globalist continue they will sink us . And when we emerge from the rubble , we will be the new socialists America. We will be just another third world country, which is what they are trying to accomplish in the first place.

There is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, constitutional conservatism and the Tea Party. If we can remove the globalist and liberals from political office put those backed by the tea party in office. Along with other constitutional conservatives and libertarians we might have a chance to save America. It will all depend on how bad Americans really want to be saved from socialism and economic disaster.

There is no short-term fix, either. We use capitalism, which has worked or socialism, which has not worked to build our economy upon. Personally I am for capitalism. It worked. And when something works, you should not try to fix it is not broken.

Why allow liberal politicians and progressives to remain in office. When they will only trie to block capitalism from working. We need to re-educate ourselves and the public on capitalism, how it works and why it is the best system we ever had.

All rules regulations and laws should be aimed at making capitalism work. For example, allowing large corporations to buy up patents on new inventions to keep them off the market is counter productive to capitalism. Yes, patents should be protected, but companies buying them should not the allow to keep them off the market just by purchasing them.

New inventions are the lifeblood of capitalism. They keep new and better products flowing and more small businesses opening up. Liberal politicians have done everything that they could possibly do to harm the small businesses and large businesses.

We need to go back to taxing products that are sold, not individuals. Social Security and Medicare can be saved and restructured so that it pays for itself. This is something that liberal politicians have fought against all the while pretending to be for the people.

Most people do not realize that the progressives and liberals in the Republican Party watered down Reaganomics and never really carried out many of his proposals. But it still produce twice the amount of taxes that the government usually received. They off set this by borrowing three times as much running up the national debt. This was not the presidents fault, but the liberal and progressive members of the party and the Democratic Party.

But just think what Reaganomics might do if it was not water down. And if the government started a true budget based on taxes received and stop borrowing. The government must stop borrowing more money , and printing more money to pay debts. These things have to happen before, we can reverse the economy and start being prosperous again.

Everything that the progressive liberals have touched, the government, our school systems and the unions have all gone downhill all the while they have been Blaming conservatives, who have never been in power in the last 28 years for it. There is such a thing as economic slavery, and that is what these globalists and the liberal politicians are trying to bring about no matter how hard they deny it. Personally, I want to die a free.

There is hope for a better tomorrow for a richer fuller tomorrow where children can grow up free and out of debt. It depends on whether we will fight liberal socialism and globalism to take our country back to strengthen capitalism and democracy to become a true republic again. To Bringing back the original states rights.

Make no mistake. We are at war from within this is a true bloodless civil war, and there can be only one victor. It is up to you to decide who that will be. God save America.

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