We Get Past November 2nd What Then?

By: Ken Hughes

Will November 3rd bring the changes in the attitudes of congress the public demanded in the mid term elections or will congress ignore the voters like they have so many times before? There’s very little difference between the establishment Republicans and Democrats, neither has a very high regard for the public except the final weeks before each election. This election more than any in recent years is sending a message from the voters to the candidates what they will accept from the next 112th congress. Any congress person who doesn’t get the message probably won’t be in the 113th congress in 2013.

For the first time in many years the voters have had a part in selecting candidates for congress rather than having the parties make those choices for them. That may not set well with the political establishment but it’s what’s called democracy. If those incumbent congress persons who survive this election are smart they’ll look at the tea leaves and contemplate their futures. Our nation can’t sustain another two years of Obamanomics and survive. Obama changes his economic policies more often than he changes socks. Obama’s hearing seems to be in his vocal cords otherwise he’d be hearing the cries of the unemployed. Of small businesses that are on hold because they can’t plan for the future until they know what’s coming is the way of taxes for next year. Obama’s made so many promises he hasn’t kept no one is going to invest in the future without a guarantee of what the future has to offer.

A new more in tune congress can put a stop to Obama’s outlandish spending spree. Media pundits keep asking the Tea Party supported candidates how they are going to resolve the financial problems of the country. Those are stupid questions that’s like asking someone going into the water if they are going to wade or swim, how would they know until they know how deep the water is? Resolving the deficit crises is something that’s going to take smarter people than we elect to serve in congress. It’s also going to take the public’s understanding the Happy Camper Train to Freebee Land isn’t running anymore. When Obama said the government must do for the people what the people can’t do for themselves he was wrong. In America the people are the government and it should be up to them not politicians to decide just how much government they want intruding in their lives.

It’s going to take at the very least a three election cycle to change the way congress goes about the business of legislating the necessities of running a government. The first step should be passing laws that controls congress in the way they do business. They have no problem passing laws controlling public behavior many so ridiculous they’ll never be obeyed. Actually if congress would just adhered to the first seven articles in the constitution plus the tenth amendment it wouldn’t be necessary to pass any additional laws. And one other thing they should stop reading into the so called “Commerce Clause” what isn’t there. Granted this isn’t the same America the founding fathers created but it sure isn’t what they intended it should be.

The founding fathers gave us a somewhat loose goosy constitution within all that loose goosy language are some definitive rules that should not be abridged for the sake of political expediency. The constitution leaves some room for interpretation but on the subject of what the governments entitled to do or not do their words are explicit. There was a reason the founders didn’t trust politicians, most of them were politicians and they didn’t trust each other. The constitution wasn’t a document someone sat down and wrote at the spur of the moment, it took years many drafts and much compromise to arrive at something the majority of the founders could agree too. The constitution has been so well received it has been Americas guiding light for over two hundred years. Any citizen who cares can carry a copy of the constitution around with them in there breast pocket and it will hardly be noticed. No modern document can make that statement… Today’s documents are too cumbersome to carry around without the use of a handcart.

The big question is will the establishment politicians listened to the rumbles coming from the hinterlands or will they go back to Washington and try to do the same things the same way as before? What will this election and the Tea Party movement have taught them if anything? One thing the Washingtonians can be sure of from Obama to the man who waters the rose garden the Tea Party is not going away after this election is over. They’re still going to be there hammers in hand nailing congressional feet to the floor. Concerned American citizens aren’t about to allow their government to slip out of their control again. These days the public’s to well informed to allow evil doers to take control again anytime soon.

Turning the page from pessimism to optimism what if there are enough new members of the house to make a difference in the way congress works. What if once again a new member could vote without corrosion and intimidation? What if the congressional establishments, those who are left realize it’s the people’s house and not their house? What if the constitution were found dusted off and put back on the shelf for all to use as intended. Am I being to Pollyanna in my hope such things are possible? They’re possible but only if the voters make sure candidates who get elected and go to Washington then don’t keep their word gets a free ride back home comes the next election. The public must demand their elected officials act like adults and not spoiled children. And last but certainly not least it’s time for the public to start electing persons president with integrity and not personalities who would be rock stars.

We’ve had it their way now it’s time to have it our way.
Voting smart is by being informed on the issues. Don’t let party politics override your judgment and personal preferences


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