Talking With the Tailban

By: Craig Chamberlain

I’m not an expert on international diplomacy, not by any means, but it seems that the news coming out of Afghanistan is less than hopeful. The Afghan government, which seems to only excel at corruption and incompetence(who knew Rahm Emmanuel was dishing out the advice in Kabul as well?) is eagerly talking to the Taliban in hopes that the war there might come to an end. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to end a war. Peace is a good thing, it’s just that peace at any price is not.

Why would someone be so stupid, so desperate, as to think negotiations with the Taliban can produce anything good? We all know the record of the Taliban. For the five years that they governed Afghanistan they tortured, oppressed, murdered, and stamped out every last vestige of civilization in the country. They slaughtered the Shiite Hazara population in central Afghanistan, they closed schools, forbade women from leaving their homes, forced men to grow beards, and to pray five times a day whether they wanted to or not. And most importantly the Taliban provided a safe haven for Al-Qaeda allowing them a free space to train, arm themselves, and plan attacks.

There is no indication that the Taliban isn’t going to do the exact same thing if they are ever able to get back into power. They have not repudiated their program or denounced terrorism. Yet, the Karzai government feels required to open up negotiations, why? President Karzai, and his government, know that without American protection they won’t last a year before the Taliban come storming back in to Kabul, and drag Afghanistan back into the 7th century. They also know that American protection is coming to an end. We have a President who is the biggest spendthrift in the history of the republic, but when it comes to defense and military expenditures he is downright miserly. With an announced deadline to the American “surge” the Afghan government knows that they will not have NATO protection forever. If they don’t make some kind of peace now, they will all be executed by Taliban troops when the take over the country.

The problem is that these negotiations will inevitably fail. The Taliban have no interest in a democratic Afghanistan, free of terrorism. The Iranians have made the Taliban into Iranian mercenaries, and they have no reason to want to see Afghanistan free of terrorism. If the Iranians and the Taliban have their way the country will revert back to being a safe haven for terrorist groups. Not just Al-Qaeda, but Hezbollah, Hamas, the Basij, and every other Islamic terrorist group, will find themselves safe and sound in Afghanistan.

This will be a case of America losing Afghanistan. President Obama has shown that when it comes to defense he is not a serious man. He has shown that he is not too interested in keeping Afghanistan from being terrorist central again. More interested in turning America into a socialist nation than he is in making sure America is safe from jihadist attacks, he has announced that we will be drawing down troops next year. If he were serious about securing Afghanistan the troops would be staying until the job was done. Instead the grand strategy of the Obama administration seems to cut and run, and leave Afghanistan to its fate.

We need to remember why we are there. It was from Afghanistan that the 9-11 attacks were planned, it was in Afghanistan that the Al-Qaeda terrorists trained. We are not there to prop up the Karzai government, which, from all accounts, needs to be replaced. We are there to keep terrorists out of Afghanistan, and here we are allowing negotiations that would allow them right back into the country.

If Afghanistan becomes a safe haven again American lives will be in danger, and it will because the Obama administration couldn’t be bothered to fight for as long as it took to secure the country. More worried about losing the Democratic party than he is about losing Afghanistan it seems President Obama can’t wait to cut and run on a war that he campaigned for as the “good” war. It was the war President Bush supposedly ignored to wage war in Iraq. But since President Obama came to office the situation in Afghanistan has continued to get worse, and now it looks like he is more interested in finding a way out without worrying about whether we win or lose.

We cannot afford to negotiate with terrorists who’s main objective is to kill Americans. Afghanistan is a vital battle in our war against Islamic terrorists, and treating the Taliban as a trustworthy group does nothing to help us win that war. Someone in Washington should keep that in mind.

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