Democrats; Whose Sorry Now?

By: Ken Hughes

There’s seldom compassion between political rivals but we really have to feel sorry for the stupidity the Obamanistas showed all through the 2010 midterm campaign. What’s left for them but to join a union then hit the bricks looking for one of Obama’s shovel ready jobs he’s admitted doesn‘t exist. The arrogance that set this campaign in motion was pure Obama which is leading to the lefts ultimate defeat. Since the campaign has reached the downhill side Obama’s been searching for a person, persons or reason for the lefts failure to generate enough momentum to even make a showing. I can’t think of anyone or anything Obama hasn’t blamed for the lefts failure to rise above the bottom of the political barrel. What are the chances Obama will be taking any blame for the train wreck the left is about to experience? You can bet Grannies bingo money the left will be blaming the Tea Party movement for their demise and guess what for once they will have gotten it right, it is the Tea Party brining them down.

Given their history establishment Republicans couldn’t win the lowest prize at a mongrel dog show. The credit for this win by conservatives must clearly go to the Tea Party movement. If it hadn’t been for Tea Party candidates participating with Republicans Democrats would have probably won this election and Obama would have been on a roll for a second two year term. Could it be America’s been saved by Gods wisdom and the Tea Party movement speaking out for the rights of the people of this country. I added God because in two of Obama’s recent speeches he omitted God as a participant in the creation of this great nation. If God was offended by Obama’s rebuff I don’t want him / her taking it out on the rest of us.

It wasn’t that long age Obama was clamming to be a Christen in good standing now he’s back to being a nothing in poor standing.

From the lefts most ardent liberals to the sneakiest RINO [Republican in name only] they’ve made it a point to promote a lie a day about Republicans and the Tea Party movement. There’s little question these lies are coming from the Whitehouse propaganda office by way of the oval office. I can’t imagine given Obama’s temperament for the negative he wouldn’t be involved. The left is right about one thing, Obama is a creative thinker; he just doesn’t have it channeled in the right directions. Going from A to Z Obama has vilified everything he could put a name to. The left was afraid to run on what they perceived to be accomplishment done in the past nearly two years or anything they have plans for in the future. The only thing left for them was personal attacks on their opponents.

Democrats are claiming Republicans want to go back and their right, the only way out of this economic mess the Obamanistas created is by going back regrouping and then moving forward. The unconstitutional legislation passed in the past 20 months must either be rescinded, not funded or new legislation written that makes it conform to what the people want and expect. This is the peoples government not the politicians. What did the people do to warrant an Obama, how could they be so naive to believe his promises when he had no record of previous accomplishments what so ever? Obama has no ability to discern truth from fiction, for Obama anything he says at the moment is truth until he changes it. Loyalty is something else that isn’t in Obama’s back pack of things he practices. There have only been two previous presidents as arrogant and self-aggrandizing as Barrack Obama, one was Franklin Roosevelt and the other was Andrew Jackson. Both men wanted to change America into something it wasn’t and the people didn’t want it to become. Both former presidents failed, they failed because we have a constitution the people believe in more than they believed in their presidents.

Liberalism is the suppression of capitalism and the expansion of socialism. The economies of China, India, Hong Kong and Singapore are flourishing because of low taxes and minimum regulations on businesses. European nations are turning away from socialism toward a purer form of capitalism with fewer regulations and lower taxes. Liberals in America are doing their best to eliminate capitalism and replace it with a pure form of socialism something the Americans people are standing up against. Why would anyone want to destroy the system that has provided more modern technology to the world than all the others combined? The answer of course is for personal power, Obama had dreams of a one world government with him at the head seat of the table, that was his dream a year ago I’m sure he’s rethinking his future possibilities about now.

It was inevitable the Obama agenda would fail he was to reliant on the old Democratic establishment for support. Pelosi / Reid and company dug every liberal proposal since Woodrow Wilson out and threw them into the Obama mix. It was like a Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house there was just too much on our plates to swallow it all. Obama is a poor student of history, every time a government has been successfully taken from the hands of its people it’s been by military force, that can’t happen in America because the military is aligned with the people not politicians. The constitution is perhaps next to the bible the most inspirational document ever written, it’s inspired a nation for more than two hundred years. Periodically the constitution gets set aside briefly when people realize what’s happening they turn back to what’s made this country so great for so long, the constitution.

Freedom worth having is freedom worth making an effort to vote for. The hearts and minds of the American people can’t be with Obama’s brand of Socialism. Let’s all get together and put an end to it November 2nd 2010.


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