My America

By: Keith Allison

In my younger years, I spent a good deal of time living and working outside the boundaries of this nation. Anytime I was away for several months or more, I found myself missing the American way of life; even more, I missed the American people and their penchant for honesty, integrity, and fair play. Having experienced life in socialist and/or communist countries during my sojourns into the hinterlands of foreign nations, I easily understood that such governments led to privation for the general public, while providing virtual kingdoms for those who dictated how the “peasants” would utilize their time as they eked out a living in their daily lives. I watched as American troops and tanks faced off against Soviet tanks and troops at locations such as Check Point Charley, and I witnessed the determination of thousands of Eastern Europeans as they utilized every means possible to escape their oppressors. They knew first hand of the privation and misery of communism and/or socialism, and made daring escape attempts concealed in the trunks of cars as they careened through a Soviet/East German checkpoint. Some chose taking the labyrinth path of the Berlin sewers, while others (some successful) found themselves trapped while attempting to scale the Berlin Wall. Others were incarcerated by East German police, or cut down by machinegun fire like rabid dogs as they attempted to race on foot across the no-mans land dividing the two Germany’s. The list of methods used to escape Eastern Europe goes on and on. My question then, and now, is that if communism/socialism is such a perfect form of government, why do governments espousing such a debasing life style find themselves forced to slaughter their own people in an attempt to restrain their attempted flights to freedom?

As a result of these experiences, my respect and admiration for the American way of life and the freedoms we enjoyed due to the determination of the Founding Fathers to place restrictions on our government, rather than on the American people, knew no bounds. By authoring what is probably the most unique and lasting document the world has ever seen, they ensured those suffering the deprivations of socialism/communism a safe haven from those who would do them and their families harm.

Today, as anyone with half a working brain cell can tell you, while campaigning for the Office of the President, American’s were seduced and deliberately lied to by Obama and his minions into installing him as a traitor to the American way of life and the destroyer of our Constitutional fabric under protection the of the Whitehouse. His socialist preferences were obvious to those who understood the ramifications of his background and lack of respect he held for our Constitution. Unfortunately, too many Americans fell for the democrat’s ploy of believing they had to prove to the world that a person of any racial background can be elected to the Presidency of this nation; in short, they were duped into demonstrating that racism was dead in America. Overlooked or dismissed by the American people was an important factor about Obama, and that is that he is dedicated to one concept, and that is the utter destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Obviously, his sole desire is to sire a resurgence of the old Eastern European form of a socialist/communist form of government within the borders of the United States. In his determination to financially destroy America, I see that Obama and his henchmen have decided America isn’t deep enough in debt. For all intents and purposes, our elected elite have bankrupted this nation with their numerous schemes to enrich themselves at the expense of others, but now this nation is going to give Pakistan, a less than reliable ally, another $2 billion dollars to help “upgrade” their military. The lunatics are in command of the asylum known as the Whitehouse.

I see in today’s news that the liberal/socialist/communist element of America has taken a pot shot at Juan Williams, a newscaster, for having the temerity to openly state he felt a certain amount of trepidation whenever he boarded an aircraft containing people clothed in Muslim attire. Apparently, there is no such thing as our First Amendment Rights to freedom of speech when it comes to members of the Muslim brotherhood. Another item in the news is that of a 31 year old woman in Michigan being reprimanded by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights because she posted a note on her church bulletin board seeking a “Christian roommate” to occupy/share he home with. Obviously the word Christian has taken on an evil connotation where our liberal elite are concerned. And, since when are American citizens denied the right to consort with those they prefer?

The degradation of American ethics and love of country by the radical liberal element of this nation has continued unabated for many years. I recall when one of my daughters was confused by her teacher when she described America as a democracy rather than a Republic. She couldn’t understand how her teacher could describe America as a democracy when our Pledge of Allegiance describes America as a Republic. I suppose many other children today are confused by the talking heads on today’s news broadcasts referring to our American democracy. Top that off with our current crop of “facilitators” in our public schools, colleges and universities brainwashing our children into believing in their socialist utopia, and it becomes abundantly clear how the socialists/communists intend to subvert this nation. Frankly, I believe it is time for the American people to rise up and demand that our children’s text books accurately reflect the true history of our American Republic rather than the clap trap of the communist/socialist element bent on destroying the last refuge from tyrannical governments.

Despite the daily brain washing that occurs through the news media, it’s encouraging to see the rising number of American citizens up in arms over socialists/communists overt attempts to destroy our Republic. Of course Hannity, Glen Beck, and Bill O’Reilly from Fox News have, for the most part, been at the forefront in the defense of our Republican form of government.

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