A Lack of Common Sense

By: Keith Allison

Boy howdy, I’ve often pondered the lack of common sense demonstrated by many of our politicians, bureaucrats and the judiciary. Some of them are so ignorant and/or self serving, they’d sell their own mothers to a cat house in Tiajuana or other convenient locale. There are but a few states in the United States that aren’t starving for money to fund bureaucracies mostly unnecessary give away programs to the undeserving. Two events I’ve become aware of over the past couple of weeks or so are a perfect demonstration of just how stupid, arrogant, and greedy these people really are.

A week or so ago, I received a telephone call from a guy I’ve known for quite a few years (I won’t give out his name at this time, because I don’t want to be the cause of him getting fired). He was a denturist here in Washington, but after dentistry put him on their “hit list” for special prosecution and/or intimidation, he moved his practice to California. He practiced there for several years while doing battle with the state’s corrupt prosecutorial system. After years of doing battle with dentistry’s minions in the prosecutor’s office, and watching his practice suffer due to him having to be in court so often, he finally gave up and headed for greener pastures as a dental technician in another state. Of course he couldn’t tell his new employer that he had worked as a denturist, because if the word got out to dentistry, they would undoubtedly black ball his employer and put him/her out of business for hiring one of those dirty denturists. That’s the way they work, and I know that for a fact. After I testified in court for a denturist (a case that we won), the majority of my clientele telephoned me the following day and said, to a man, “Your work no longer meets the expectations of my office.” That was my reward for putting honesty above the greed of dentistry.

Well, today I learned of another denturist who was recently run out of California for doing nothing more than making full and/or partial dentures for the public to use to eat with. Of course he, like most other denturists don’t charge nearly as much for their work than dentists do for the same product which they don’t produce themselves, so that probably had a lot to do with why dentistry ran him out of the state.

The appalling thing about this situation is this, the State of California, dentistry’s slovenly, unkempt, and greedy servants apparently accepted a bribe from the dental community to put him out of business. From what I’ve been told, “state representatives threatened him with $5,000.00 fines for every denture he had ever made in California along with fines for advertising his services to the public, and any other cock and bull charge they could dream up to deprive him of his earned income.

With his business slowing down (probably due to the state contacting his patients), and money becoming harder to come by, he knew he didn’t have the resources to fight dentistry’s influence over government entities, so he reluctantly closed up shop and went back to his home state.

The things that really rile me about situations like this are numerous. First, dentistry and all state governments were long ago informed that denturists and/or the practice of denturitry represent no known potential for harm to anyone (other than dentistry’s individual bank accounts). Second, since there is no known potential for harm to anyone by a denturist, no state government has the Constitutional authority to deprive a denturist of their Common Law Right to Earn Their Living at Their Chosen Occupation. Third, by depriving denturists of their right to labor at their chosen occupation, government is taking bribes from dentistry which soon cause the public to pay an exorbitant price to dentistry for work that some dental technician or denturist is doing for them; namely making, altering, relining, and/or repairing full and/or partial dentures. My fourth and biggest gripe about dentistry’s illicit influence over our elected and/or appointed officials costs the state tax money. In the case of California, they have an income tax on every dollar anyone in that state earns; dentistry’s greed deprives the states coffers of the income tax a denturist would be paying into the system along with taxes on the supplies of dental plaster, stone, equipment and teeth they purchase to do their job. Another thing is that the state’s and dentistry’s attitudes also deprive other personnel of potential employment opportunities with denturists. This when the state is purportedly on the brink of bankruptcy due to a lack of tax money coming in because of the recession and overspending their illustrious politicians have been doing.

I could probably go on ranting about this for several thousand more words, but enough said.

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