Pre Election Post Mortem

By: Craig Chamberlain

Benjamin Franklin once said the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. To this we can add a third: media condescension. If the GOP takes over Congress, and all signs point to the GOP reclaiming the House, the media will spin the election results to make the American voters out to be nothing more than a bunch of stupid, racist, irrational, angry morons. We saw this after the 1994 elections. The media, which had dubbed 1992 “the year of the woman” called 1994 the year of the angry white male. Peter Jennings dismissed the 1994 vote as a “temper tantrum.” Get ready for the same analysis in the aftermath of the November 2nd election. We are six days out as of this writing, and the leftist press is getting is spin machine warmed up. Let us count the lies.

1) Anger. They will insist that the upcoming vote was made in a fit of primordial, irrational, anger. They will insist that the electorate was nothing but a bunch of cave men lashing out at their betters over issues their tiny intellects couldn’t possibly understand. Don’t buy it. Yes, there is a great deal of anger out there. Anger over spending, bailouts, debt, deficits, Obamacare, and unemployment.This does not make anger the primary motivator in this election.

Far from it. For most Americans it is not a childish, seething anger that will motivate their vote, but a mature sense of concern. Millions of Americans are concerned that they won’t be able to find a job anytime soon, or that the job they have might be in jeopardy. There is very real concern that Americans today will be leaving a country that is worse off to their children and their grandchildren. Americans are concerned that America’s status in the world is weak, and will on get weaker.

2) Racism. After the election the left will make veiled insinuations(and in some cases, not so veiled insinuations) that anyone who voted for a GOP candidate did so simply because they can’t stand the thought of an African American in the White House. Hogwash. Pay no attention to the 9.6% unemployment rate, the 13 trillion dollar debt, the federal take over of health care, no it’s a racist vote by a bunch of closeted Klansmen.

The racist charge has been a red herring for decades. The racist charge has been the ultimate smear, to which there is no real defense. It has been that way largely because Americans have allowed them to get away with it. They would shrink in absolute terror anytime the charge was thrown around. This allowed the left, 20% of the population, to control 100% OF the debate. Fortunately, there seems to be a trend that the American people are growing numb to it. While Americans are concerned, and outraged, by real racism they have grown disgusted with the gratuitous accusations of racism for the sin of disagreeing with the President or the political correctness machine.

There is not one drop of evidence to back up the charge that opposition to President Obama is fueled by racism, yet that will not stop the press from smearing everyone who thinks that the country needs to go in another direction.

3) Stupidity. The leftists who don’t accuse Americans of being pathologically racist, or having an anger management problem, will be accused of stupidity. We simply don’t know what’s good for us. The left tells us, endlessly, that if we were truly informed, and didn’t allow divisive social issues to cloud things we’d always vote Democrat. If only we weren’t so stupid, then we’d understand how great everything is that a 13 trillion dollar debt, socialized medicine, open borders, high taxes, welfare dependency, and the rest of the leftist agenda are really good for us.

We’re just not smart enough to see the big picture of how great the Democrats, and everything they want to do, are. We’re too provincial, too backwards, to realize how great socialism is. Don’t we know that it’s all in our best interest? That’s going to be the narrative of the press. If only we could see the truth, see things how they see them. If only we were as enlightened, and intelligent, as they were. Then these silly little debates, and our insistence on following an archaic document like the constitution, would be swept aside. We’d all be one big, happy, socialist family.

We’re days from knowing the election results, but the media already has its election analysis written up, and they need someone to blame. They won’t blame the Democrats, or their poor performance, so instead they’ll blame the American people.

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