What So Many Don’t Know

By: Ken Hughes

As a political pundit of sorts I’m often ask to explain the difference between conservative and liberal. It isn’t that I don’t know, it’s that when I’m ask I’m not sure I can get through to someone who seems reasonably well educated but hasn’t learned the fundamentals of how democracy works. When I was in school we were taught the meaning of the first seven articles and at that time the twenty one amendments of the constitution, [today there are twenty seven amendments.] We knew who the competing sides were in the civil war and John F. Kennedy hadn’t come along to take credit for the civil rights legislation. We were taught the actual meanings of the first and second amendments. Liberalism had yet to become the driving force pushing the Democratic Party.

Conservatives believe in freedom of speech for everyone, liberals believe in freedom to repeat their propaganda and only their propaganda. Conservatives believe wages belong to the wage earner with a limited portion going to the government, liberals believe it’s the governments money and only a limited portion should be retained by the wage earner. Conservatives believe it’s the people government, liberals believe the people are subjects of the government. Conservatives believe people should be free to pursue happiness as they choose, liberals believe it’s the government’s responsibility to dictate every facet of a person’s life for them so everyone is equal. Conservatives believe in individuality, liberals believe in one size fits all according to what they decide is best for all. Conservatives believe America belongs to it’s people, liberals believe the government is America and the people belong to it. Twenty five thousand patriots didn’t sacrifice their lives in the War of Independence so liberals could reinstate colonial rule two hundred and thirty five years later.

Black children in pre-civil rights Alabama were better educated than the black children of South Side Chicago are today. There are a number of reasons why, first the Federal Department of Education has taken education away and replaced it with politics. Second the PTA [Parent Teachers Association] has taken family values out of education. And last but not least the National Teachers Union has taken teachers pride in their work away and made the incompetent as well respected and compensated as the competent. Teachers are instructed what they can and can’t teach in the public schools making room for more religious schools and home schooling, hese are things liberals are vehemently opposed to. Liberals know a well educated public isn’t a public easily manipulated.

What liberals call progressive and conservatives call dumbing down is taking place across this great country. It isn’t the public doesn’t want to learn it’s they aren’t being taught the curriculum isn’t available to them. Academic toxins have been turning young minds to mush for decades then they blame everything from the internet to bad parenting. Paraphrasing an old adage “Those who don’t get it teach”. When the first settlers came to America along with their houses two of the first building erected were churches and schools, government building came much later. While the government is banning religion from being taught in public schools churches dot the landscape often two or more churches of different faiths can be found on the same city block. This proves the public has more tolerance for religion than a liberal government, and justifiably so.

Liberalism teaches revisionist history often sacrificing some of our greatest traditions for the sake of political correctness. I kid you not. Last year they were advocating hiding a sneeze in the crook of one’s arm, probably to prevent someone from saying “God Bless You”. As ridiculous as that may sound think of the things the government bureaucracy advocates in the disguise of good health.

No salt, no sugar, no fats, no no no, all for the sake of better health. I think the creator knew better when he / she made these things available not only for us to enjoy but for our survival as well and gave man the knowledge how they were to be used. In moderation these items are essential to good health, in excess they can be harmful. The Washingtonians may think they have all the answers but they can never match the intellect of the creator and the founding fathers.

The liberal left has lost prospective of what America is all about, Americans don’t expect or want to be perfect or politically correct 100% of the time. Who decides what the right thing to do or say is, is it the duty of a liberal bureaucracy or is it our own common sense and understanding of fairness that decides. The Obamanistas have divided this country into pockets of ethnic minorities? It’s purely for political purposes the left is out promoting a brown and black skin as an automatic vote for liberalism. They back it up with government funded programs that support these communities while white America is footing the bill. Undocumented illegal Hispanics receive nearly as much government welfare today as the black communities add the welfare payment together and it amounts to billions of dollars a year. Welfare was meant to be a safety net not a “Sleep Comfort Bed”.

One of the good things about the Obama administration it has finally put allegations of racism where they belong, in the black community. Two years of Obama has made America realize it’s the radical black fringe and their community promoting racism for political purposes. The leadership of the NAACP has become a wing of the Democratic party along with the leaderships of Trade Unions and the AARP to mention a few. The rank and file of these originations have become more independent in their political beliefs and are voting accordingly. This is why Democratic Party is in such trouble this election, they’ve refused to listen to their base. They’ve turned their backs on those they represent to hang with the Washington elitists. This is precisely why Democrats will lose the coming election, they’ve turned their backs of the voters.

They’ve forgotten “By the People, For the People, Of the People!”

At the risk of sounding very politically in-correct I think God has his / her hand on the JOY STICK guiding this election in the direction of sanity. If you want to stay in Gods good graces vote Conservative November 2nd.


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