The O’Nistas Are On The Ropes

By: Ken Hughes

An O’Nista is someone who is still enamored with Obama or someone who was fixated with his programs for the past 20 months and is now suffering the consequences of association. For the laymen an O’Nista is a Democrat that hasn’t yet fully renounced their bonding with Obama and is running for reelection to congress. Most Democrats running for congress are silent on the accomplishments / failures of the 111th Reid / Pelosi congress of 2009 / 2010. That was the congress that more than anything else brought the Tea Party movement to national attention and grew it far beyond even its own expectations. Over the years there have been Democrats and there have been Democrats but there have never been Democrats like those who attached themselves to Obama. They are the most radical, vindictive and dishonest group anyone has ever encountered it comes from their leaders. If it were not for the protection of the constitution things would be far worse than they’ve become.

For the eight years of the Bush Administration Democrats continually ranted about the Bush doctrine claiming it was going to bankrupt the country. That went on for six years until congress became the domain of Democrats. In 2007 Nancy Pelosi became the speaker of the house and that’s when the wheels began to come off the economy. There’s a serious misunderstanding among congress people, they think they are sent to Washington to do things for the people. They’re not in America the people are the government, congress are the peoples employees. Every time congress does something for the people it costs the people their hard earned money. The first seven articles of the constitution explicitly states what congress [i.e.] the government is allowed to do. The tenth amendment states what congress in not allowed to do these are rules that have been ignored for the past fifty years or more. The time has come to find the constitution dust it off and put it back on all the shelves where it belongs. It’s also time academia taught the real constitution word for word and not their version.

The O’Nistas are on the ropes but so is the mentality of the people of this great country. America has become a nation of expectations many expect the government to take care of what God gave them the ability to take care of themselves. The underprivileged class is created by the expectation others will supply their needs. Ethnic divide is created within the minds of those who perceive being discriminated against, supposedly God created all men / women equal those who don’t live up to the standards of equality usually have only themselves to blame. More tax payer money is spent on making so called minorities comfortable than is spent on securing our boarders from the scourge of the Hispanic Bandidos, Drug Dealers from south of our borders. America’s nanny state mentality encourages welfare and illegal immigration. It’s time the government manned up to its responsibilities to the worker / producer class in America. When the individual gives its charity, when the government takes from one to give to another its thievery, when the government turns a blind eye to illegal immigration its hypocrisy.

Every election candidates tell the voters what terrible shape the countries in and how they can and will clean things up. It never happens because the same people telling us how bad things have become are the people who made them that way. When an individual politician says they will pass laws that will change things, they’re lying. No individual politician can pass a law that does anything it takes a consensus of five hundred and thirty five to pass laws, then one more to sign them making them laws. For the first time in decade’s congress may be held to a higher standard of truth than before. The 112th congress of 2011 and 2012 are going to be compelled to listen to the public or risk being sent home at the end of the session. The Tea Party movement made up of pissed off American citizens are watching, listening and waiting.

Both Republicans and Democrats are rapidly becoming parties in name only. Unless they’re willing to stop take a breath and listen to what the public has to say they’ll go the way of the Wigs the original second political party. In the 1630 pilgrims left England to escape persecution. God pointed them in the direction of what would become America. The only thing God gave these men and women to set up housekeeping was courage the rest was up to them. They built homes churches and schools a government was not one of their first priorities. Governments came when they became to busy being capitalist to have time to govern. America was founded on capitalism and has been very successful because of the choice over the alternatives that haven’t worked. The early pilgrims and the founders were able to pass on the greatest country the world has ever known. Now we have a group of University educated Elitists trying to destroy what took nearly four hundred years to create. ARE THEY NUTS?

Politicians assume they’re being elected to do things for their constituents that are only part of what they’re sent to congress to do they’re also sent there to make sure the government bureaucracy doesn’t infringe on the rights of the individual. There are two ways government can infringe on individuals rights, one is by direct action passing laws that have a direct impact on our daily lives such as restricting our uses of various products. The other is by regulating and taxing small American businesses out of business then allowing their imported replacement products to enter the country unregulated and relatively tax free. Perhaps the most egregious use of taxpayer’s money was the money given General Motors to settle their union benefits problems. The public was told the bailout money for GM was so they could avoid bankruptcy before the money was counted GM filed for bankruptcy and your congress was in on the scam.

These are not just Democratic congressmen and women pulling the wool over the public’s eyes its the imbedded incumbent congress from both parties that’s been there when there were good time and eventually turned them into bad times. Presidents request congress acts then presidents approve, it’s the way the founders set thing up to prevent from happening what has eventually been happening.

The American people need to learn to trust and understand their constitution and renew their faith in God this doesn’t mean a particular religion. God is the master of every mans religion it’s called having faith in more than your congressman.


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