The Red Coats Are Coming

By: Ken Hughes

Maybe that’s the Red States are coming, we sent the Red Coats packing back in the day. In pre-Revolutionary days fear was used to protect the Kings interests in the colonies until the colonists discovered fear is nothing more than the absence of truth. Once the truth began to become apparent the fear went away. That has been the case every time America has been challenged when the fear of any given situation is analyzed and dispelled the people are back in charge. The Obamanistas spent the better part of the past four years since the 2006 Democratic takeover of the house spreading fear and despair across the country. Democracy only works when the people are in charge of the government, when elected officials assume they’re in charge of the government democracy fails. For the most part Americans are passive in allowing their elected officials to run the inner workings of their government, when that arrangement breaks down the people respond usually at the ballot box.

Barrack Obama brought fear back in ways no other president ever contemplated or if they did they feared the public reaction more than they wanted the power they might gain. Obamas arrogance, inexperience and indifference encouraged him to tread through waters wiser men walked around. Now before he’s reached the other side he’s drowning in a river of criticism, not only from his opponents but from some of those who pushed him in the water in the first place. Men with courage lead those lacking courage timidly follow at a distance screaming encouragement. I’m not suggesting Obama is a man of courage but he tried even if it was for all the wrong reasons. Now Obama finds himself in a dilemma, he’s half way through his first term as president, the only way he can get reelected is to disavow everything he’s done the first two years of his administration and go along with the new Conservative Congress that’s sure to come after the coming election.

If Obama he did move right of center his capitulation wouldn’t do much for his reputation as a reformer. Obama not only has to worry about his presidency but also about his legacy, one Jimmy Carter in a contrary is more than enough. This administration along with the 111th congress has painted themselves into a corner they can’t get out of without destroying their paint job. Prior to the 2006 and 2008 elections Nancy Pelosi pontificated about her progressive agenda and how it would revive an America on the skids. The problem was prior to 2006 America wasn’t on the skids. The 110th congress and their progressive programs caused the decline of the economy by spending more than it was taking in. After eight years every president becomes and easy mark for criticism from the other party. The public is either indifferent or goes along with the trashing. Politics between election cycles isn’t something that interests the average citizen their interests range in more important personal directions.

When Obama presented his exotic menu of gourmet delights to the public in his campaign for president he neglected to include many of the harmful ingredients they were made with, his menu also stated at today’s prices that was a deliberate attempt at misleading the public. The question is did Obama believe in what he was trying to pull off or was it just another of the young inexperienced politicians hustles he learned as a community organizer in the Chicago Ghettos, I tend to think Obama is one continues hustle. Teleprompters at the ready Obama is capable of selling sand to Arabs and ice cubs in Alaska and incapable of delivering either. With Obama what you hear is never what you get there’s always that one more promise before completion of the deal. Obama missed his calling he should have sold slurppies on the Midway at Disney World. The man would have made a fortune over pricing and under-delivering.

Obama on his own isn’t to blame for the downhill ride this country has been on for the past four years, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi must share equally in the demise of the economy, and not to the same degree but George Bush should have stood up to Pelosi and her lap dog puppy Harry Reid the last two years of his presidency. For the past four years the real power in this country has been Nancy Pelosi, she and she alone had the power to move congress and the presidency at her direction. Speakers of the House are the third rail of government, some used their power wisely some poorly, all used it to sway legislation in the direction of their liking.

Regardless of the hyperbole coming from both sides of the political spectrum the final word is always found in the ballot boxes around the country. It’s never what the candidates say that influences the voters, in the end it’s only what the voters believe that counts. The estimated three billion dollars this midterm election will cost could have just as well been spent paying off a portion of the debt created in the past eighteen months. No matter what the experts say money doesn’t directly buy votes, what does buy voted is what is called a conscience. That little elf that sits on our shoulder whispering for us to do the right thing because no one will know. That secret wish to get it right how we voted is the ultimate decider when we are in that box all alone and protected from outside interference.

There’s a propensity for energetic candidates from both parties to make promises of what they will do when they get to Washington…. Hog Wash, when they get to congress they’ll do as they’re instructed by the old establishment. That is unless these new freshman congress persons have the chutzpa to stand up and tell these good old boys in the club to take a hike. The constitution is clear, one congress person one vote unencumbered by unsolicited outside influences. Let us pray!

Election Day is in sight, all we can do is wait and pray for the best results God and the voters good judgment will allow. God had a hand in creating this great country maybe it’s time we all ask for his / her help in saving it.


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