Those Poor Democrats Are Picked On

By: Ken Hughes

Democrats are now complaining about being picked on, like they haven’t been picking on the right for years. I can recall for ten years the left continually and relentlessly picking on George Bush. One of the more famous cat calls was “Bush lied people died” that was heard until it was nauseating. The left and the media went after Sarah Palin with a vengeance. These attacks all backfired, Palin has become one of the most influential women in America, Bush’s approval ratings now surpass those of the president. Democratic leaders are whining like whipped puppies and crying foul at every turn. Even President Obama is in cry-baby mode as he travels around the country threatening, begging and cajoling for votes. I can’t recall a time when an entire political party has turned and ran down the road away from a situation yapping like whipped dogs.

At least Baghdad Bob held out until the obvious was hopeless before ripping off his official insignias running and off into the sunset. Democrats are jumping ship as if there were no lifelines in sight. Democratic spokes persons appearing on national TV are full of nothing but homina, homina as the only explanation for their present situation. General George Custer and his men would be ashamed to be called Democrats they fought to the last man. Now Democrats are running away to the last man and these are the people who had the courage to pass Obamacare and the stimulus packages in spite of public opposition. The Democrat failure to stand up for their beliefs proves liberalism, progressivism and political correctness are all tools of cowards.

The Obamanistas seem to be running away from more than just these mid-term elections. Poor Charlie Rankle and Maxine Waters and Florida’s Meeks aren’t getting much encouragement from the Whitehouse or the Congressional Black Caucus. What about that Democratic candidate Meeks running for Florida governor that’s to be sacrificed for the greater good? Is it that Obama doesn’t trust his black brothers and sisters with their own keys to the car he rescued from Bush? Or maybe Obama doesn’t want the waters tarnished with non-white legislators, it’s hard to tell when Obama is being half white, all white or no white at all, he seems to change ethnicity at random. Much the same as he seems to change loyalties judging from the number of his advisors who are jumping ship. That usually comes after an election not before. Obama is either an extremely complex man or he’s just one more idiot who made his way into the system by default, I vote for idiot and default.

Democrat’s recent complaint is they’re being out represented on Cable TV, Talk Radio and Internet Bloggers, could it be these conservative venues are telling the public what is and not what they should think. Liberals can only insult their audiences so many times before they no longer have an audience. There are as many left wing pundits on cable TV as there are right wing pundits. The right discusses issues while the left screams epithets and makes unreasonable and untrue allegations then complain when they can’t attract an audience. The left creates their own facts without ever bothering to check to see how much truth they’re distorting.

An example was the vilification of Governor Sarah Palin in 2008, Sarah Palin it turns out has become the titular head of the largest grass roots movement in recent American history, The Tea Party Movement. Palin’s rise in popularity can be traced directly to the lefts keeping her in the spotlight. Palin was able to prove to America just how accomplished she is and how incompetent and uninformed her critics were / are. If Sarah Plain happens to be elected president in 2012 it will have been the left that made it possible. By the time 2012 comes around Sponge Bob Square Pants would stand a better chance than Barrack Obama of serving a second term.

While the left cries foul at every opportunity that hasn’t stopped them from their inflammatory attacks on everyone and everything conservative. The left is just to dammed obstinate to give in on their socialist agendas. They still believe everything belongs to the government and should be divided by the bureaucracy as it sees fit. Socialism’s failed all over the world whether it was practiced in full or in part. It took China less than forty years to revert from socialism to capitalism and now they’re becoming the world’s economic leader. Liberal ideology controls the direction the media reports and editorializing. That makes it difficult for an alternative economic prospective to be heard read or otherwise disseminated. As long as Rush Limbaugh continues to refer to the Chinese as Chi-Coms and stirs the pot of distrust America will continue to fall behind in the race back to the top.

America must take a new prospective on our relations around the world, this country is no longer the Alpha Dog. China, India, Brazil and others are stepping on our fingers moving up the ladder of influence. There was a time when the world needed America’s strength. In this 21st century guns have been replaced with gizmos and gadgets, portable cargo containers have replaced the troop ships of previous times. This is a new day and a new world we’re living in and so far American politics hasn’t kept up. Liberalism is no less blind to the actual working of the new world economic structure as conservatives are. That doesn’t mean new faces on all of congress can’t assimilate and get with the program. If America is to truly become a nation among nations we must drop the centuries old persona of superiority and adapt a more humble approach in our dealing with other nations. Skin color and ethnicity may have been criteria for superiority once but no more. Those heathen Chinese of the nineteenth century are kicking our asses economically in today’s world.

“The absence of truth breads fear“. When the truth is known fear goes away. Politicians either don’t know the truth or they don’t trust the public knowing it. That accounts for the continual distortion in political rhetoric. It’s time politicians grew up so they can communicate with grown up voters.

There are only a few day left before we go to the polls to vote for the future of America, a future that hopefully will include the American people again. Let us pray then vote for the return of honest conservative politics.



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