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November 3, 2010

Caught Red-handed: CBS Reporters’ Scheme to Undermine Republican Joe Miller

In a case of JournoList redux, mainstream media reporters have again shown that their business is propaganda, not news. In a shocking voicemail accidentally left on the cell phone of Alaska GOP senatorial candidate Joe Miller’s spokesman, Randy DeSoto, …

Gitmo connection to Yemeni Jihadists suspected in latest terror plot

Filed under: War On Terror - 03 Nov 2010

Security and law enforcement agencies foiled a terrorist plot that entailed sending packages containing improvised explosive devices hidden in photocopy or printer ink cartridges from Yemen to strike targets in the US, including Jewish synagogues.

Lessons In Apologetics #5: Deism

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 03 Nov 2010

The tests or methodologies of epistemology are just the first step into the realm of Apologetics. These, in turn are applied to the assorted worldviews.

National Public Radio and the Skinny Fat Man

I once knew a guy who was about 50 pounds overweight. Any time a friend or family member would address him on the issue of cutting out the sweets, he would get indignant and quickly inform inquiring souls that he …