11/02/10…. A Dilemma For The Defrocked

By: Ken Hughes

Those congress persons being disposed of in this election have a real problem. With an obvious mood of a new congress set to restructure the inter-workings of the legislator’s activities lobbyists and what is certainly going to be a down sizing of the federal bureaucracy many may have much to worry about. After the shift of congress to the right many positions in Washington are apt to be sparse. Conditions tell us political has-been’s aren’t apt to get special treatment back home, whatever warts they had before they went to congress are going to be there when they return. It usually takes a person several years to work their way up the ranks to be eligible to run for national office, it only takes one election to disqualify them. When they do come back home if they do they will forever be haunted by that last stupid sound bit that defeated them. Forever being known as a former crook is sometimes harder to deal with than being known as a current crook.

Before Republicans tap the beer kegs and roll out the hot dogs they should take a moment to reflect why they were successful in unsetting the Obamanista dynasty? Republicans won because a very large group of concerned citizens of all political persuasions rallied around a grass roots movement, the Tea Party and made this monumental change in congress happen. They weren’t embracing the Republican establishment they were embracing real change. If that change doesn’t come this time the Tea Party will have a second shot in two years to really make their point. Two days before the election the congressional establishment is already planning how they can lord over the freshman coming in and discredit the Tea Party for 2012. The changes shouldn’t have to come from the public they should come in the way congress acts and reacts. It isn’t the public who needs more rules to follow its congress that needs to be brought under control. No person should be allowed to take a seat in congress who can’t explain the meaning of the first seven articles and twenty-seven amendments of the constitution and swear allegiance to the Declaration of Independence.

The greatest gift America was blessed with are the complexities of a democracy This system of governing was deliberately made difficult to make sure changes would be well discussed and understood before they were implemented. These are things that have been lost on congress for a long time. Congress has gone from serving the public to ruling over the public and that isn’t what democracy is about. Democracy is when we the people are in charge. Political Correctness and Liberalism are the tools of bullies and cowards.

Listening to the various pundits of Talk Radio and Cable TV offer their take on what’s happening in this election is to say the least amusing. The pundit asks a question and before the person being interviewed can answer the pundit gives their interpretation of the answer they’re looking for. The media has controlled the mood of elections for so long they’re having a difficult time giving it up. The media is obsessed with thinking their getting it right the first time, everyone knows you can’t get it right before it happens. How many times have media experts gone to bed election night having given their opinion only to wake up the next morning with egg on their faces? Internet Bloggers are fast becoming the most reliable source for accuracy in the news, perhaps because they’re obsessed with facts. It becomes news when the facts are out there before that it’s pure speculation, for the most part the media deals in speculation. In the rush to be first they’ve abandon the old practice of verifying their stories.

The real question will be in January when these freshmen congress persons are sworn in. Will they be intimidated by the old congressional establishment or will they do what they were elected to do, Stand up and act like men! It’s time the mentality of entitlements and longevity in congress was sent packing. The constitution calls for one representative one vote without intimidation or coercion. The congressional Good Old Boys Club needs to retreat to the clock rooms of congress where they can enjoy their Cuban Cigars and Kentucky Bourbon and reminisce of the old days leaving these new members of congress alone to do the jobs they were elected to do. If not the good old boys may be next to sing a Swan Song to Washington and the good life.

What will the Harry Reids and the Barney Franks do when there are no more young staffers to push around, what will they do when they go back to their districts and no one notices or cares they’re there. These men have lived on the pinnacle of power for decades and now they’ve been rejected by their constituents. New Washington lobbying jobs are going to be as scarce as hen’s teeth. Lawyers around the nations capital will be a dime a dozen when the new conservatism gets rolling. Back home folks will remember Obamacare the GM take over and the stimulus bills, four trillion dollars of their children’s future earnings and they’ll be ready to hold someone besides George Bush and Sarah Palin accountable.

The President and the leadership of the 111th congress are out on the campaign trail trying to sell their accomplishment of the past four years, let’s examine those supposed accomplishments. There was the bailout of GM to keep them out of bankruptcy, and they went bankrupt anyway. Then there was the loans to the larger banks even when they didn’t want them, the smaller banks were left out in the cold. And we can’t forget the stimulus monies that were appropriated to bring unemployment down to 8 %, it’s near 10%. When in fact the best argument the administration can come up with is without the stimulus monies unemployment would have been much higher. Bogus argument; unemployment isn’t something that can be accurately calculated in advance. Two of my favorites are green jobs and saved jobs, green jobs will only become sustainable when technology catches up with environmentalist rhetoric. As for saved jobs how are they going to prove that one? The only green and saved jobs I know of are in Washington DC where unemployment is at 0% if we include welfare as a paying job. All Obama’s shovels have done is dig a very deep hole for the Democratic Party. A hole the masters of manipulation can’t talk their way out of. Obama, Reid and Pelosi will eventually pay a price for their indifference and arrogance. It won’t come November 3rd it will come when new more people friendly policies of a conservative congress has brought the country back from the abyss the same way Ronald Reagan did after the President Carter disaster.

The American people have survived nearly four hundred years of challenges and have overcome everyone. We go forward stronger to overcome the next challenge. It’s all done at the ballot box by the will of the people, no guns no storm troopers just voters.

God Bless America.


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