The Tea Party Stole The Election

By: Ken Hughes

How is it possible for someone to seal something that already belongs to them? The Tea Party, American citizens one and all are as free to vote in an election as anyone else. Elections belong to “We the People” not to political parties.

One Political Party controlling the three branches of government is a disaster in the making as we have just experienced. It’s back to the constitution as originally written.

There’s no question the voters expressed their opinions on how politics has been conducted in recent decades. There was no clearer message than the upset in the house and the senate left relatively unscathed. As the various thinkers sort out what happened they need go no further than the voters with a very few relative questions. For once pollsters should leave politics out of their questioning and add conduct. I think the pollsters would discover its congresses attitude and conduct the public finds so offensive and that they the public are being ignored, treated like children or less.

This election Democrats had nothing to run on. Everything they did for the past year and a half were things the public was against. Most Democratic candidates didn’t even attempt to run on the Obama record. Instead they took the low road and vilified their opponents especially those who were backed by the Tea Party movement. Democratic candidates couldn’t discuss their record and refused to engage in discussing the views of the Republican candidates. If Democratic candidates had challenged their opponents on issues rather than character they may not have lost as many house seats. This government belongs to the people not to politicians the people want to be included and want to contribute more than just pay the bills. If this election proves nothing else it proves the voters are smarter than those they elect to serve them.

For those who aren’t aware the Republican Party began in much the same way as the Tea Party movement began. Small groups of dissatisfied citizens meeting in back rooms and parks in Michigan and Wisconsin. Within a very few years they elected a reformer Abraham Lincoln president. There’s a new Conservative Party on the horizon if the Republican Party isn’t willing to make some adjustments, sooner rather than later. Today’s voters are more aware than many of those men serving in congress can remember their having been disconnected from reality for so long. The problem with today’s politics is that unit is disconnected from the public who’re told rather than consulted on the issues of the day. Lack of communication may have been acceptable in the days of print media today there are no limits to communication and it isn’t necessary to go through a third person. The internet’s made every politician personally accountable in real time to their constituents.

What happened Tuesday November 2nd to cause such an unprecedented upset in the House of Representatives? This is something the pundits will be discussing for months to come. The truth is voters were sending a message to congress to change the way they do business or suffer the consequences. No more do as I say and not as I do will be accepted by the public, those congress persons who didn’t get the message this time will get it next time. Every two years the public has an opportunity to make adjustments and this election it became obvious the public’s caught on to the real purpose of elections. Now if we can only make the media see the error of their ways by choosing sides rather than just reporting the facts information will freely flow once more. Democracy is a complex process to achieve the simplest of solutions, peace, prosperity and freedom for the individual. Less government intervention makes authority an easier pill to swallow.

Barrack Obama misquoted Lincoln by saying “Government must do for the people what the people can’t do for themselves!” Lincoln’s message was first the people must do for them selves then those mundane things the people should have others do then government should provide. Obama is a master at misquotes. If Barrack Obama’s done nothing more for Americans he’s opened their eyes to some truths that have been buried under a clock of political correctness for years. The publics been made aware they aren’t the raciest the racist are the leaders of the black community and their lily white liberal admirers. Racism has been a cornerstone of the Obama administration and remains one, Obama came to the Whitehouse supposedly to unite all people into one. Instead he’s divided and set ethnic groups against each other such as no one had ever done before, not even the KKK could do what Obama’s done for racial divide. Obama taught most America’s the true meaning of arrogance and how it can affect a person’s performance when humility would have served them better. On the other had those who’re his ardent admirers of Obama personally fell in his mind-boggling persona of superiority with him?

MSNBC the composter of all things liberal has chosen rather than accept a GOP victory they will report the many reasons why it isn’t fair. MSNBC pundits have gotten down in the pit with the snakes in order to discredit everyone and everything connected with the GOP success of this election. The network seems to have failed as Obama has in capturing the real feelings of the American People, what is it about individual freedom these liberals don’t understand?

Everything about America is in opposition to liberalism and the spin MSNBC put on things. Americans are not a perfect people nor do they wish to be, they wish to be individuals who can manage their own affairs and correct their own mistakes. God created freedom loving conservatives, Karl Marx created liberalism. Marx was no way a God nor are any of those speaking for MSNBC Gods.

Contrary to what the left is spewing no one knows if enough Republicans got the message that was so clearly sent to all politicians this election. If the establishment in congress hasn’t gotten the message in two years they’ll be on the once was list. The public is sending a clear message to congress. We the People believe in our constitution and if they don’t they will be replaced. Liberalism aka progressivism aka socialism aka political correctness will no longer be accepted in this country as a governing force.

As much as it hurts me to say it we have to thank Barrack Obama for turning the lights back on and leading us out of the darkness. He made it possible for every concerned citizen to see what was going on around them and to rise up and object.

May the Almighty Allah bless his son Barrack Obama!


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