I’m OK With The Results Of Nov. 2nd

By: Ken Hughes

Yes I’m happy with the results of the election, beyond anything else it proved the people do have a voice in how the country is run. November 2nd 2010 was a wakeup call for every person who runs for elective office for the next decade. This election wasn’t a referendum on Obama, health care, unemployment or the economy it was a referendum on all of those things and more. This election was a challenge to the establishment running Washington and the Good Old Boys Club that controls congress. It gave a strong message to that group the voters are taking back their government from its abusers. The country’s going back to basics and the constitution as the law of the land.

My only two regrets were Harry Reid and Barney Frank were reelected other than that I was pleased with the results of the elections. Forget Republicans, Conservatives made a greater impact than I had expected. I find that encouraging for 2012 and 2014 elections. That’s how long it’s going to take to clean out congress and get the country back on track, just getting rid of Obama isn’t going to change congress back to what it was intended to be. We the People owe Barrack Obama a debt of gratitude for the wake up call he gave the people of this great country. If not for Obamas arrogance and ineptness nothing like this switch in attitude by the people would have happened.

As Obama went around the country and the world selling America short it was a wake up call the people couldn’t ignore. We knew we were a better product than Obama was selling and the world knew it and resented his attitude. The lack of a nation’s leader’s national pride is something that doesn’t build confidence in others.

Not everything Obama has accomplished is bad, as an example he made the public aware racism is not the white man curse. Modern racism comes from the black community to be used as both a crutch and an extortion tool. Obama made us aware it’s been them not us who’ve segregated America again. Without fanfare the Tea Party movement backed women. African Americans and East Indian Americans for congressional seats with a great deal of success disproving the allegations of racism in the Tea Party. Cries of racism go unheard and unrewarded these days thanks to the over use of the phrase by the Obamanistas and their cohorts.

Mr. Obama is fond of putting people in classes such as the rich class, the middle class, [yes even] the lower class and of course his favorites the working class [aka] union members. This is something the public has an underline resentment of, we are a classless society and we intend to stay that way. Barrack Obama became an elitist up from the middle class too early in life to appreciate what America had been thorough getting where it is.

There are still some in the Medias who haven’t heard the message, American citizens are moving back in the house of national politics after having been evicted some years ago. It’s their house they own it and no one can keep them out ever again. The media has turned from reporting news to expressing views and reporting speculation in their zeal to be first. It’s all about ratings that convert to dollars and no longer about reporting the facts, controversy sells and who more controversial than MSNBC? There is no joy in Mediaville tonight they’ve lost their momentum not having the right to kick around, now it’s back to sucking up and perhaps telling the truth.

President Obama fears gridlock in the coming two years. I submit to you gridlock the past two years would have saved future generations four trillion dollars. Maybe gridlock is going to be a good thing. The constitution says it’s the government’s duty to secure our boarders and protect the public neither of these are being done by the Obama administration. It’s not the government’s responsibility to take the toys out of Happy Meals. It’s not the government’s responsibility to control the personal habits of the individual. We Americans are not a perfect people nor do we wish to be, we wear our warts with pride. I think most people will welcome gridlock as a means of catching our breath after the bumpy ride we’ve been on the past two years.

The much vilified Tea Party has preformed magnificently in my opinion. They’ve brought the citizenry of this country together in a common cause and prevailed. It wasn’t a political party that pulled off the greatest political achievement in recent history it was the Tea Party, part Republican, part Democrat, part Independent and 100% concerned citizens. For those who don’t know how the Republican Party got started it was in much the same way as the Tea Party. Groups of concerned citizen in Michigan and Wisconsin got together in the mid 1850s in city parks and town halls to protest the two existing parties ineffectiveness. Within a very few years they elected a reformer Abraham Lincoln president whose first concern was protecting the Union from unraveling. The founding fathers warned the public of despots and unsavory men who would one day try to take the peoples freedom away, that day is here now.

Its doubtful unsavory politicians will ever have the opportunity to take this country back to pre-revolutionary days. There was a reason this current movement adopted the Tea Party name. It was a reminder of the sacrifices the founders went thorough and the time they took to create this great country. Most governments change in the dead of night at the muzzles of guns. The United States has changed governments more times than any other country on earth and it’s always been at the ballot box. That’s the brilliance of a true democracy we can disagree and keep it all together at the same time. A democracy is where the people decide and not the politicians. For the past two years the public has been saying no no no and have gone unheard. November 2nd the public was heard loud and clear and now the politicians are questioning what happened. President Obama still doesn’t get it, now he’s lost his two most effective congressional leaders, Nancy Pelosi’s been neutered and Harry Reid is a wet duck. Any gridlock will be on Obamas part now it’s his turn to compromise for a change. American Presidents are people just like the rest of us.

For more than two hundred and thirty years this countries swayed back and forth between conservatism and progressivism and never totally succumbed to either. Again it’s the brilliance of a democracy as the founding fathers created it. The Greeks created the word the founding fathers created the mechanics to make democracies work. I’ve visited more than two dozen countries and lived in two and without reservation I can say the United States is by far the best of them all. We don’t need an Obama making excuses for our failures our successes far outweigh our failures. We wear our warts with pride they only prove we’re more human than saints and that’s a good thing.

God Bless America and all it stand for!

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