How Out Of Touch Is Out Of Touch?

By: Ken Hughes

The three most influential internet news sources, Drudge Report, Blaze and Politico are alive with denials from the left. Every headline has different excuses for the shellacking Democrats took. Most center around those stupid voters who were incapable of understanding Obama’s message. I’m sure the dumbing down of America is a direct result of the federal government’s involvement in education but that’s another story for another time. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck must take their share of the blame. Internet Bloggers can’t be over looked either many of them have posted thousand of words warning of the disastrous consequences of more of Obamas agenda being implemented.

Obama is worried about gridlock, I submit if there had been more gridlock and less sucking up in 2009 and 2010 the nation would have avoided 4 trillion dollars in additional debt.

The left can’t seem to come to grips with the fact they lost congress by the largest margins in 60 years. Obama says it was because he didn’t communicate with the people in a way they could understand. In other words the voters were a bunch of dummies incapable of comprehending his elitist rhetoric he thinks he should have brought the explanations down to a lower level of understanding. Mr. President everyone understood perfectly it’s you and your message that are missing the point.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don’t seem to understand they may have won back their seats but they’ve lost their majority. Quite the contrary to what the president thinks Republicans will not be sitting in the back of the bus in the 112th congress. The congress has been integrated the segregation instated by the 111th congress is over. “Conservatives are free at last, God almighty free at last!” Harry Reid talks about compromise by the new Republicans something that was sorely missing the past two years. Sorry Harry you’re just going to have to live with the cards dealt you on November 2nd. Nancy Pelosi acts like nothing has changed, she plans on going back to the house spending two more years as if nothing ever happened. Now there’s a grandmother with brass ovaries.

Perhaps the most amusing is what’s left of the extreme liberal media. MSNBC pundit hosts have gone ballistic Keith Olbermann was forced into a Juan Williams look-alike moment in order to bring him back to the forefront. Anyone who bought the Olbermann act has to be hooked on George of the Jungles stories. Chris Mathews the man with that uncontrollable urge when his president speaks has been the most outraged by these neophyte voters who had the audacity to challenge the Great One and his party. I wonder if Mr. Mathews still wets the bed at night. There are others at MSNBC further down the food chain who seems to be outraged with the results of a democratic process that’s flourished in this country for more than two hundred years. I’m still struggling with the fact when Democrats win it’s democracy at work, when Republicans win they must have somehow stolen millions of votes and therefore the election.

I can’t recall a Republican President who didn’t go quietly into the sunset, something Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton haven’t managed. It seems their desire to remain public figures outweighs the time honored tradition of former presidents never commenting on their successors policies. The political hostility has moved on to the lowest forms of campaigning. These modern politicians act like kindergarten children where everyone is treated as a winner and there are no losers. It may feel good to a five year old but it doesn’t teach them any of life’s lessons.

Obamacare, Obamanomics the whole Obama agenda was rejected by a majority of voters November 2nd 2010 so what’s not to understand the largest percentage of voters in the history of the nation voted no on what Democrats did the past two years. Why is Nancy Pelosi holding parties celebrating one of the most failed congresses in history? The answer of course is because Pelosi doesn’t get it, in her ivory tower Democrats don’t lose they count and recount votes until they win. Yesterdays politics as usual isn’t so usual these days, the availability of communication between average citizens has opened up a whole new era of political discourse for the public to toy with and learn from, that’s communication at its finest.

Barrack Obama and Harry Reid speak of the need for Republicans to compromise in the next two years. What hasn’t been mentioned is if Obama and Reid are going to be willing to compromise? I seriously doubt these new conservative Republicans are going to be willing to be bullied by either the president of the congressional establishment. Looking back in history the Revolutionary War was won with the support of less than half of the Colonists. It’s that few antagonists for authority who made this country what it’s become. Now the new congressional conservatives are the minority and they’re the new antagonists out to change history one more time.

There’s always a period of transformation when congress or the presidency changes from one to the next. It’s normal for some of those who’ll be the most affected to hold some animosity for those replacing them but what’s going on now is ridicules. The mid-term elections were not the result of a military coup they were the results of the democratic process at its finest. Sore losers should get over their hurt and move on when one door closes another one opens if people are looking for doors they can open.

These post election the cry babies are out in force far more than we’ve ever seen before. I can’t recall a time when the losing side has been as vindictive and viscously vocal as the left is being now.

I can’t recall a sitting president being as anti American as Barrack Obama has been throughout his political career. At times Obama seems to have one foot over the line into Al Qaeda territory. Regardless of what Obama says he’s proven he’s more Islamic than Christian, his sympathies are with Muslims not Americans. Then he questions why he’s being rejected by the majority of the American people the simple explanation is he lies and lies and lies.

Let Allah bless Obama then let God bless America!


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