Probationary Challenge

By: William P. Frasca

These General Midterm Elections, of 2010, were great news for the Republican Party, Conservatives, and especially the Tea Party. They not only wiped out the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party, eliminating their power and stronghold in the House of Representatives, but they also took a majority of Governor Position, throughout the Country.

Every (10) ten years, as mandated by law, after the United States Census evaluates and documents all their various collected amounts of information, has the ability to possibly change the total population of any Congressional District. This has the opportunity of increasing or decreasing the number of Representatives in each State, developing new boundaries.

These local State victories are very important because the Governor has enormous influential powers in determining and conducting the redistricting process of his or her State. This is most essential in dividing and establishing pertinent legislative lines that could ultimately enhance their Party’s authority in maintaining control of the House of Representative.

Even though their success wasn’t as great or enormous in the United States Senate, they still remained in the minority, but they did pick up seats. This blessing in disguise should give them great relief. If they had full control of the Senate together with the House of Representatives, our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Socialistic Marxist Liberal Democratic base would have an extraordinary unlimited developed amount of falsified, fairy tale ammunition.

These were unjustifiably created, with the same old broken records of the past, in which they inaccurately targeted Speaker Newt Gingrich, and the Republicans under then Democratic President Bill Clinton, and most recently with President George W. Bush, by fabricating his involvement with every negative aspect, in which were and are experiencing as a Nation. The Presidency and the Senate staying Democrat eliminates most of these smoke in mirrors excuses and accusations, which unfortunately dupes a naïve, uninformed public, who actually believes in these fictitious extended falsehoods.

One other interesting event associated with this election was the re-election of Senate President Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One”. It seems as though, even down in the polls, he defeated his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle with ease. Obviously he had an ace up his sleeve, pulled a miracle back door hand of good fortune, or maybe his campaign just saw the immaculate bright light of conquest, out of total darkness. Las Vegas had a temporary power failure, which momentarily stymied the election results. This questionable, unpredictable omen, proved to be a lucky sign in his star. He was phenomenally swept up in the moment, voted into office, and will return back to the Senate. This travesty and catastrophe will continue to impose humiliating incompetence, corruption, hardships, conceit and distrust to America and the American people.

Even besides this ill-fated regrettable awkward setback, the voices of the people were heard loud and clear. This is a very special Country, where the changing hands of power are peaceful and basically accepted, even for the select few that refuse to relinquish their power through egotistical narcissism. It is not settled by using force, military marshal law, forming a political coup, violence, riots or from a barrel of a gun. Even when the judicial branch is being summoned, for a ruling and potential signs of fraud and manipulation has surfaced, the majority vote of the people must always be legitimately realized and never be intimidated, undermined, falsified or hindered. The people’s decision and every counted vote of all our brave military personnel must be forever honored and respected. Their pronounced judgment, resolution, choice, and assessment must always be the undisputed final justified, valid verdict.

The re-election of Congressman Barney Frank “The Buffoon”, of Massachusetts only proves one thing; intelligence is not a necessary attribute.

If the Republican Party has the foolish intent and arrogance, of truly believing that the American electorate gave them the essential, “will of the people status”, referring to the all important powers of “Checks and Balances” because of their love, affection, assurance or abilities, they are very much mistaken.

When the Republicans had the privilege of absolute power, they failed! Presently, the American people had no alternative but to place them in limited governing capacity, to rescue our beloved Country and Constitution, by immediately halting the Obama Socialist steamroller that was and is crushing our Yankee ingenuity, Constitutional rights, Capitalism, self worth, freedoms, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Republican Party that had absolute power in the past consisted of shameful embarrassing wimps, whiners and backwardness. The Democratic minority always seemed to have their number, constantly manipulating them with never ending physiological guilt trips of potentially being called a racist, or having an extreme lack of compassion. The war on terror, and defending America, showed a spark of bravery, under the leadership of George W. Bush, but for the most part their yellow streak showed.

When they had full control they acted more and more like the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, ignoring and betraying not only their Conservative base, but the Country and the American people. The perfect examples, to name a few, were their uncontrollable spending, social programs, a deficit, inability to secure our boarders, the illegal alien abomination, having English as our official language and legislature to protect our symbol of freedom “Our Flag” of the United States of America, from public or private degradation.

This Republican Party has one key ingredient that could possibly bring courage and conviction to their probationary rein in Congress which is called the Tea Party. These individuals went against the status quo of the old guard. The Grand Old Party was represented by the ancient and stale individuals with no vision or fire in their belly, while protecting their positions of power for the own self worth, and vanity, instead of doing the right thing. They were governing defensively, not aggressively, and playing right into the hands of the Progressives.

The Tea Party victors are a refreshing rebirth in the leadership of our government which is honoring these sacred words, “of, by, and for the people”. I would have absolutely no confidence in the future of our Country, with the old Republican Party in charge of the House of Representative, with pertinent gains in the Senate, if it weren’t for the new and improved candidates who won under these new and refreshing Tea Party ideologies. These individuals will definitely hold their colleagues feet to the fire, creating an atmosphere of righteousness while respecting their solemn oath of office.

The victory speeches of Senator elect Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida communicated a clear cut view in projecting an innovated enhanced strong willed Republican Party, with sturdy indications of a well built established potentiality in creating indispensable leadership characteristics. Their statements gave an uplifting inspirational message and excellent feeling that our Country is definitely in good hands.

Totally opposite from the inferior characteristics and inept caliber of an Al Franken, who was elected under a black cloud of allegedly stealing the election with voter fraud from The Great State of Minnesota.

The American people have lost all confidences in both political parties. When both had the opportunity to exclusively govern, with no competition, they demonstrated their inabilities to lead. They only idolized themselves in complete grandeur, identifying the people as idiots. Fortunately for the Republicans, and Conservatives, through the Tea Party, they are given a second chance, by the people. This was amazing because, after the 2008 General Election, they were considered a non-entity, a dinosaur, but they rose from their own ashes, like the Phoenix, and given the precious opportunity, to once again, prove and earn their worthiness, to the American people.

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