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November 15, 2010

Obama Wants To Talk

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Nov 2010

Obama wants to talk; something he enjoys. The question is will he listen. The time for Obama speech making is over now its time to hear what the public has to say. Can Obama bring himself down to the …

Just How Far Do Hispanosupremacist Sympathizers Intend To Take Their Biblical Analogies?

Filed under: Immigration,Religion & Faith - 15 Nov 2010

In a Sojourner’s blog post titled “Abraham, Joseph and Today’s Patriarchs”, David Vasquez of Luther College likens the plight of illegal aliens to the epic of the Biblical patriarchs.

Let’s examine the analogy for a moment.

How John Locke Influenced Catholic Social Teaching

Filed under: Featured Conservative,History,Religion & Faith - 15 Nov 2010

By: Joe Hargrave

It isn’t often that John Locke is mentioned in discussions of Catholic social teaching, unless it is to set him up as an example of all that the Church supposedly rejects. After all, Locke is considered one of …