Obama Wants To Talk

By: Ken Hughes

Obama wants to talk; something he enjoys. The question is will he listen. The time for Obama speech making is over now its time to hear what the public has to say. Can Obama bring himself down to the level of the average voter or will his elitist attitude prevent that? His immediate reaction after the trouncing Democrats took in the election didn’t indicate he could or would be willing to co-manage the government with the new congress.

Obama isn’t the problem congress is, for years congress has been able to dodge bullets by blaming presidents when things go wrong. The mid-term elections of 2010 can change that. When congressional freshman classes are held the freshman need to make it perfectly clear to the Good Old Boys Club they’ve read the constitution and they know what their jobs will be and how to perform them. Longevity and intimidation are things of the past, from this day forward it’s one representative one vote. The new members of both the house and the senate need to draw a line and not retreat from it. This election proved the voters will stand behind and support a ridged stand on what they were sent to congress to do. They need to constantly remind themselves this is the people’s government it doesn’t belong to political parties.

There’s more to Washington than just the three separate but equal branches of government. There’s the bureaucracy heavily unionized, there are lobbyists heavily representing every possible special interest known to man. There are foreign governments and there are political antagonists all demanding to be recognized. And last but certainly not least there are the 50 states to deal with. The problem in the past has been the pressures put on congress to do the impossible they in turn have passed of to presidents. Now it’s time congress took a deep breath and said no to all those pressuring them for special favors. The new members of the house need to take a few of the old congressmen to the wood shed and kick some butt until they agree to slow down and read the fine print.

No legislation should contain more than a thousand words and then only in readable English not legalese. No legislation should be sent to the president for his / her signature before every member of the house and the senate can affirm they’ve read every word and are willing to sign off on the bill. Ear marks / pork bills / amendments that don’t pertain to the legislative requests in any bill shouldn’t be permitted. Gerrymandering special privileges should come to a halt. . Every request for legislation or funding should stand on its own merits and not be tucked away in something else that isn’t relevant to the subject of the original bill. Would that slow the legislative process down, yes and that would be a good thing. Congress in their zeal for recognition are piling too much to fast on the American people. I don’t think congress is inherently dishonest, I think they’re inherently incompetent. Congress has no concept of enough is enough. They’re continually bowing down to self-proclaimed supposed experts without ever considering if such things are possible.

The federal court system needs to take refresher courses on the differences between interpreting law [their duty] and making law something they’re prohibited by the constitution from doing.

Obama is going to learn a lesson that he can’t cajole his way out of every negative situation. These new young Turks coming to congress have had 2 years to observe Obama at his worst. It isn’t likely Obama has enough wool left to pull over their eyes he can entice them into following him down the road to destruction he’s chosen to travel. Obama has to be thinking now about running again in 2012, if most of the things he managed to get through the 111th congress are repealed by the 112th congress that wouldn’t give him much encouragement for dealing with the 113th and 114th congresses. Obama has to decide if he want’s to leave the oval office bruised or beat to hell. I’m not sure he has the temperament to serve out his first term considering what he’ll face from now until January 2012.

The battles in congress aren’t going to be between Obama and congress they’re going to be between the new Tea Party supported congress parsons and the old establishment. The people have spoken loud and clear they want the Washingtonian cabal dismantled and sanity and justice brought back to their government. The shouts echoing Ronald Reagan’s famous quip. “The government that governs least governs best” is being repeated all over the country. Those who refuse to listen will pay the price the Tea Party isn’t going away until their job of cleaning up congress is finished. The Internet’s provided the public with the tools to challenge the old Washington establishment, the Tea Party movement is providing the inspiration.

There’s a fact that’s obvious even to the casual observer, this government isn’t working as it was designed to work. The constitution is explicit in what the government can and can’t do. It’s not the presidents or congresses job to create the widgets that make things work better and cheaper. Most congress persons are Lawyers and Academics they wouldn’t know a lug nut from a wing nut. And yet congress and the president are trying to impose their creativeness on the creators of technology. The original citizens of the land arrived in wooden sailing ships and less than 400 years later they’re able to leave and return in jet powered airplanes.

No group of people in history have created as much modern technologies as the American people have and they didn’t need an Obama, Pelosi or Reid telling them how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Creative technology isn’t something that can be legislated it come from mans genus and desire to advance beyond the mundane. God put all the elements on earth and gave man a brain and a curiosity to find them and assemble them. Some men being destined for greatness while others are meant serve them isn’t part of Gods plan. Gods plan is each to his own ability. This is something our elected officials must learn even if it’s the hard way.

1770 the Boston massacre was the shot heard around the world. In 2010 the second Tea Party is the shout being heard across America.

God Bless America.


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