A Billion Here A Trillion There!

By: Ken Hughes

I think it was the late Everett Dirksen who said “A million here, a million there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money” referring to congressional spending. That same quote applies today only more so. This congress and president are on an un-sustainable spending binge there seems to be no justification for and it doesn‘t appear to be slowing down. Democrats have chosen the same three clowns who were in charge of the current house to act as minority leaders in the next. Without consulting the full majority of the house Republicans are selecting their leaders. It seems to me there’s something very undemocratic about this whole process. In case the incumbent congress didn’t get the message the voters were demanding real change not cosmetic changes. If it’s going to be business as usual in two years [as usual] will be gone.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi have all suggested if the new Republican House is willing to compromise they’ll be willing to work with them. It seems to me those three have it backwards shouldn’t it be they who are going to be the ones to compromise? Liberals always have problems with who’s in charge they’re dismissive of anything or anyone not totally in their camp. Something says this is going to be a difficult transition for Democrats going from the whole loaf to just a few slices. Obama probably doesn’t remember saying “We won its up to them to compromise” meaning Republicans.

Let’s hope the next two years don’t mimic the Clinton years where gotchya politics is the mood of each day. The new more conservative house members were elected to put an end to the bickering within the halls of congress. This continual cat fight must end in order to get back to what’s best for all of the public and not just a select few. The left has painted the right as being the dupes of big business when the fact is Democrats are in bed sleeping between Big Business and Republicans. Through regulations and tax advantages by both Democrats and Republicans have managed to exempt the biggest of businesses from any meaningful financial responsibilities. As long as the goodies keep coming big business doesn’t mind being called to task as the bad guys.

Obama’s challenges about everyone are just so much phraseology manipulation designed to confuse those stupid voters. Obama and congress hold the public in very low esteem except on Election Day them they all want to be best buds. That is beginning to change as voters have more information how their government is being run they’re taking a greater interest in cleaning up the mess. November 2nd 2010 was only the first of many steps to come.

The Obamanistas don’t have the support to drag America down the road to socialism. This past election proved Obama is a mere flash in the pan compared to 234 years of the public’s independence and all those other good things the constitution guarantees Perfection has never been the goal of the America people, they’re aware of their short comings and they enjoy them. Their short comings give people the ability to enjoy life without having to impress others. Obama should have accepted Americans as they are and not what he would like them to be. Obama’s arrogance is going to cost him a second term as president. Among Ivy League elitist University students and alumni there’s always been that view from the top they know better and the public need only follow them to reach their Valhalla. That is not where the American people want to go.

Rather than an aphrodisiac power has become the Obamanistas poison. The Obama administration and the leadership of the 111th congress for the past two years have displayed an enormity of arrogance unprecedented in American political history. For as bullish as Franklyn Roosevelt was he had the good sense to know when to back off. In the 1930s and 40s the American people posed a humility and pride, personal honesty and fairness were at the forefront of their beliefs. On my father’s ranch the only lock on a door was on the outhouse and that was on the inside. When someone needed help the entire community showed up, that was then and this is now. The now certainly isn’t what the senior generation hoped for their children and grandchildren. Our vision for the world was peace on earth good will toward all men. As we look around us we can only wonder where it all went wrong.

The credo of America seems to have always been a benevolent manifest-destiny, Americans believe they were put on earth to do what the Super Heroes in the comic books do, fight for right and justice as they see it. As they see it isn’t always as other see it and the intolerance among politicians hasn’t always been shared by the public. While campaigning for public office candidates make all kinds of promises that once they’re elected they forget or ignore. They beg for the publics support then turn on them the day after the swearing in ceremonies. The public has finally taken a stand and are calling for honesty and openness in the election process. Transparency is something that’s going to take a while but it will eventually come. America is changing for the better, for years politicians have used a verity of fears to gain public support for nearly every one of their misdirected adventures. The first steps to accountability took place on November 2nd 2010 with many more to follow.

The greatest problem the president and congress has created for the public is the national debt. It’s easy for politicians to spend money they won’t have to repay it’s difficult for future generation to come into this world with that enormous debt hanging over them for their entire life. We owe our grandchildren’s grandchildren more than that we owe them a future debt free. If this rush to madness isn’t stopped now there won’t be anything for future generation to look forward to. Nations that fifty years ago were considered third world countries such as China, India, Korea and Brazil are breathing down America’s neck in the race to become the world economic powers. This happened because of wasted recourses of and this country’s ability to produce competitively. The public has reached a point they no longer care to or can afford to purchase domestic goods. All of this happens because government officials and big business are satisfying their greed at the same table. What’s needed is a new approach to the old adage “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” the door to corruption needs to be closed and locked permanently.

God Bless America and Save Her From The Destroyers!


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