ALIPAC Swings Into Gear Against Lame Duck Nightmare Amnesty Act


The national organization ALIPAC, which has helped defeat previous Dream Act Amnesty legislation numerous times, is activating an extensive national network today to direct American citizens into political action against this current version of Dream Act Amnesty which would reward illegal aliens, lead to more illegal immigration, favor illegal alien students in college over American students, and displace millions of American voters at the polls.

“The American public overwhelmingly rejects the Dream Act Amnesty and so has Congress numerous times before,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The fact the Democrats are pushing this Amnesty during the lame duck session and right on top of Thanksgiving when both the press and public are weary of dealing with these politicians makes it clear these authoritarians did not get the message in the elections.”

Illegal immigration and Amnesty became a top issue in the 2010 election cycle with hundreds of Federal candidates promising voters they would secure the border and oppose any form of Amnesty. The Dream Act Amnesty is a form of amnesty because it would change existing Federal laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens by giving them legal status, a path to citizenship, and eventually voting rights.

Illegal immigrants granted amnesty under the Dream Act legislation would also be able to use their new legal status to apply for and receive more financial aid, welfare benefits, and immigration status for their relatives.

“The Dream Act Amnesty is a nation killer for America,” said William Gheen. “It would both drive up Federal and State spending, flood the country with more assimilated people, while throwing American families into further turmoil. Due to the vast amount of damage this legislation would cause innocent American citizens we consider those in DC pushing this nation destroying bill to be traitors against the American public.”

ALIPAC is asking supporters to get on the phones today to members of the US Congress and Senate to demand “No Dream Act Amnesty! Focus on Jobs for Americans! Enforce our existing immigration and border laws like most of you promised during the elections!”

Rumors out of DC indicate that the arrogant and unchanged Democratic leadership under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are planning ambush voters on Monday Nov. 29 when press and public will be returning to work from the Thanksgiving break. This is a time it will be tough for media and activists to fully mobilize against the amnesty legislation.

For more information or to join ALIPAC’s efforts to stop the Democrats from wrecking the nation with a mass amnesty for illegal aliens under 35 that are willing to lie about being brought in as children, please visit

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