Poor Charley Just A Diversion

By: Ken Hughes

Charley Rangel was one more of Obama’s diversions. After all there’re dozens of congressmen and women who’ve done the same as Charley or worse. Washington is full of diversions from the Whitehouse to the sorters of the trash. Every department of government has those who distort, manipulate and lie to gain the slightest advantage. Inside Washington is a game of one-ups-man-ship, everyone is out to gain that next step up the ladder of influence and they’ll spare no one getting there. Charley Rangel was just one more victim of the system. Charley had to do something more than tweak his tax returns to get nailed to the cross in the Obama era of black power. Perhaps Obama felt Charley had too much power.

Going back to the days of Thomas Jefferson our first real Democratic president who espoused one position on black servitude and practiced another, Democrats have held blacks out as the bait for the things they wanted to accomplish. From the beginning it was Democrats who blocked any form of emancipation of black slaves. After the Civil War Democrats turned from slavery to indentured servitude and intimidation through both fear and acts of violence. Democrats have blocked every attempt of the American people to assist blacks assimilating into mainstream society. Charley Rangel is just one more tool of diversion of intimidation being used by the Obama administration.

Today it was announced the ethics trial of Maxine Waters has been delayed. That means ended and that means the Obama Administration has their pound of black flesh and they no longer need her.

Come on over to the Republican side Charley where your legislative talents can be appreciated. We don’t treat our African American brothers and sisters like kitchen help. We Republicans don’t approve of all you were accused of doing. We do understand it’s permissible in the Democratic Party for their elected persons to play fast and loose with the rules of congress. L C S, lie, cheat and steal are written in the book of liberalism and dutifully practiced by all.

Charles Rangel was born in Harlem New York City in 1930. He was a child not unlike most of the children of that time. He had his brushes with the law but survived the ghetto life and became a US Soldier serving in Korea where he was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. After being discharged he attended university and became a member of the New York Bar eventually entering politics defeating Adam Clayton Powell for the US House representing Harlem. Charley Rangel has introduced more laws benefiting African Americans than any man in history. He’s been the pillar of faith for all blacks for decades. Charley Rangel has done an ocean of good and a pond of bad in his years of service to his district.

Charley Rangel doesn’t deserve this kind of abuse and especially from his own Democratic Party. Once again let me say “Come on over and join those who will appreciate your talents as an accomplished legislature”. You are not the first sacrificial lamb and I doubt you will be the last. You can hope for better days when black congress persons will be treated by Democrats as equals, I can assure you when those days come neither you nor I will be around to enjoy them.

Republican, Independent and Democrats should stand in a moment of silence as a tribute to an American politician who gave more than he got. Better still flood Nancy Pelosi with mail in support of Charley Rangel.


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