Energizing Sarah Palin

By: Ken Hughes

Telling Sarah Palin she can’t do something is like starting a fire with gasoline. The more she’s told she isn’t qualified to run for president the closer she’s pushed to doing just that. Sarah Palin is one of the truly self motivated women in politics. The 2010 elections brought a number of conservative women to the forefront. Not all of them won their race but they all made the statement the conservative women’s movement is here to stay. Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign John McCain’s staff drug Sarah Palin along on the campaign trail like she was yesterdays trash. The aftermath of that image inspired many women to say screw the handlers and the chauvinist men and take charge of their own campaigns. Maybe all of them didn’t win but none of them lost, they all made a positive statement for the future of their party and the country.

As for Sarah Palin not being intelligent enough to be president we can look back at four years of Jimmy Carter and two years of Barrack Obama and ask just how smart do you have to be? In two years Sarah Palin has gone from obscurity to one of the most recognized women in the country and perhaps the world that’s an achievement most men would die for. She’s managed to do it without assuming a liberals arrogance.

Karl Rove, one of the Republican Parties most vocal advisors, didn’t think Sarah Palin has the Gravitas to run for president. If I’m not mistaken gravitas is an elitists word used by but not necessarily understood by liberals to snow the masses. I submit to Mr. Rove the counties had far too many snow jobs and now they’re ready for meat and potatoes. Mr. Rove and his ilk understand if Sarah Palin does run for president it will be without their kinds counsel. In a Sarah Plain campaign for president the professional handlers will all be treated like jilted lovers. At this point Sarah Palin is the only potential candidate who understands what the public wants and has the guts to give it to them. I for one am willing to take her at her word that she has yet to make up her mind.

The Democrats and the establishment Republicans keep seeing Sarah Palin as one who thinks in political terms like they do. She doesn’t what Sarah Palin thinks she says and when she isn’t talking she’s thinking always with openness and honesty. Persons with basic common sense intellect and grit like Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan only come along a few times in every century. With the exception of the founding fathers God has seen fit to space them out to times when they’re needed most.

Sarah Palin has some uniquely American traits, she’s her own speech writer and her teleprompter is the palm of her left hand. She is often ridiculed for being too folksy, the majority of the American people understands and appreciate folksy. It’s the Ivy League elitism they’re beginning to reject.

Sarah Palin is accused of being to extreme. What she advocates is a smaller government, fewer entitlements, a balanced budget and less intervention into the public’s lives. Oh yes congress abiding by the rules set forth in the constitution. Am I wrong isn’t this the same as every other politician advocates, what’s Sarah Palin being extremism about? Democrats are a party of words Sarah Palin is a women of action.

Sarah Palin gets it, Media managed political opinion is a thing of the past. She’s wisely chosen to go where the voters go to Face Book, Twitter, Fox Cable News and Fox Business News. While the left keeps Sarah Palin alive the internet and conservative programming keep her honest. She’s at a point in her popularity when her ego and self aggrandizement could push her out of the public’s favor that isn’t likely to happen. Alaskans are a rare breed performing over the top is normal for them. In Alaska there’s nothing abnormal about being exceptional and going beyond what’s expected.

For two years the left’s been shadow boxing with Sarah Palin and so far hasn’t been able to lay a glove on her. Anyone who has what it takes to withstand what Sarah Plain has gone through these past two years and come out ahead is certainly qualified to compete for the presidency of the United States. Some people are energized by criticism and Sarah Palin seems to be one of them. Karl Rove and his establishment cohorts need to gather in the back yard for a beer and make some serious reevaluations of what’s going on in Americans new political arena.

The mood of the nation is continually changing like the pendulum of a clock it swings left then back right in order to maintain a balance of the times. There was a time when entitlements were essential for the good of the nation, in recent times they’ve become a drug creating addictions. Much of government causes make-work projects to flourish, make-work projects that aren’t beneficial to anyone cost tax payers money, money they could better use for their own families. “Am I my brothers keeper” was a question not a statement. This is some of what conservative define as waste. Establishment politicians say cutting wastful entitlements and ear marks would only cut a few billion, fine a few billion here and a few billion there and soon the deficit is taken care of.

The next president is going to have to turn off the Teleprompters and the pundit’s microphones and listen to the voters. It took 75 years to screw thing up. Since water flows down hill faster then it can be pumped up hill a correction from liberalism to conservatism could be accomplished in less than 25 years and maybe much sooner.

It’s time for the public to stop whining and act like adults. We’re only entitled to what we earn no more no less. Every dollar for public entitlements comes out of another citizen pocket. We are not our neighbor’s piggy bank.

Just a thought: I would like to be Charley Rangel’s new campaign manager. I would advise him switch to the Republican Party and run for the senate against Chuck Schumer at the first opportunity. That would be what’s called poetic justice.


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