Stop This In Your Face Government

By: Ken Hughes

Every citizen should read and study the constitution, teach it to their children, shout it from the roof tops until this government bureaucracy gets it. The constitution is not about what the government’s entitled to do, the first seven articles and the tenth amendment are about what the government is prohibited from doing. The founding fathers knew what an unchecked group of politicians were capable of. They understood because they were all politicians of sorts. It took men with courage to defy the conventional wisdom of the day that said common men were not capable of self governing. Only men of means and breeding could master the art of government. Unfortunately after two hundred and thirty four [234] years America is back where it started with the elitists governing. These days there are far too many Ivey League millionaires and not nearly enough common folks serving in congress.

Barrack Obama is an example a Harvard law degree doesn’t make a person an expert on the law, especially the constitution. George W. Bush is an example a Harvard business degree doesn’t qualify as an expert in economics. Neither man as president learned it’s not the politicians country it belongs to all those common folks they tend to ignore. Now the people are sending their message of ownership loud and clear and God have mercy on those who don’t get it.

George Bush has an excuse for not holding congress and the Washington bureaucracy more accountable. On September 11th he was handed a set of circumstances no president deserves. Bill Clinton treated terrorist attacks like civil crimes not acts of war. Bush recognized it as a war and acted accordingly. Obama reverted back to the civil crimes philosophy much to the chagrin of the public and the delight of the terrorists.

The rest of Bush’s two terms in office were spent as a war president more or less ignoring domestic policy a mistake he now admits.

What the terrorists think of Obama is hard to discern, they don’t seem to fear him and they certainly don’t respect him. His half hearted effort to form a kinship with Islam isn’t convincing them. As far as the war is concerned what the terrorists see in Obama is a lot of Bush Light. The terrorists see Obama as someone who doesn’t work well with others, a person who isn’t willing to compromise, a person of words not action. George Bush said shortly after 9/11 the world was in for a long extended conflict with terrorism perhaps lasting a hundred years and more. His basis for that argument could very well be the situation with Israelis who’ve been chastised for thousands of years with no end in sight.

America can live with terrorism but it cannot live [for] terrorism. It’s time our Home Land Security took a few pages from Israel and how they treat terrorism. Israel discreetly profiles everyone of every nationality and creed to prevent terrorist from attacking their airplanes, HLS refuses to profile however American Immigration Service, the Border Patrol and Customs all profile all of the time. The shoe bomber and the underwear bomber were not outed by HLS agents they were profiled by concerned citizens. There’s nothing sacrosanct about Muslims that they deserve preferential treatment over Christians, Buddhists or Atheists just as an example. Obama being super nice to Islamic groups isn’t going to get him very far with the war on terror. If the terrorists are an anomaly among Muslims them let Muslims join the fight to rid the world of this scourge.

The same approach fighting the war in Afghanistan could take a few lessons from the Israelis. Using local intel to know when terrorists will attack next then responds in force without regard for collateral damage, then sit back and wait for the next attack. Destroy the areas where Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leaders are supposedly hiding out then apologize to Pakistan later. Saying we’re sorry is a lot better and less costly than continually racking up dead soldiers.

It’s time for America to go back to Ronald Reagan’s international diplomacy policy, “We are peace loving Americas don’t mess with us.” [paraphrased]

How can Americans be safer when they are the suspects and the potential terrorists are able to travel unchallenged? Everyday hundred’s of OTM [other than Mexicans] cross the southern boarders undetected because Jennet Napolitano policy prohibits profiling. An Iranian who speaks a few words of Spanish is assumed to be a Mexican. As far as HLS is concerned once the skin tone changes from white to tan or to brown they all look the same.

Obama isn’t interested in protecting America from terrorists, he’s out to gain as much power as he can in order to remain in power for as long as he can. To understand Barrack Obama is to understand Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the Castro brother of Cuba, all socialists operate from the same Marxist manifesto.

Immigrants have been coming to this continent since the Neanderthals roamed the earth always with one purpose in mind to improve their opportunities. From Farm Labors to Mafioso there’s been one thought in mind, America is the land of the free and of opportunity. By their very temperament those people willing to sacrifice all they have to reach this promising land are not people easily controlled. To find America reverting back to European Imperialism is untenable for these immigrants and the sons and daughters of immigrants. There isn’t anything a government can do for the people the people can’t collectively do for themselves. American democracy was founded on that principle and it has survived and prospered because of it.

Democrats can’t seem to come to grips with the biggest losses of congressional seats recent years. They seem to be blaming everything but what it was the public rejecting all of their policies. In addition to losing house and senate seats they lost state legislative seats and governorships in droves. 2008 was the year of the Democrats, 2010 was the year of the Republicans. 2012 will be the year of neither without a serious change in political ideologies.

Because of the Internet the public now has a means of expressing their dissatisfaction with the political system that for years had them locked out, citizen punditry is alive and growing. It’s time politicians grew up and acted like men and women of integrity and realized the old ways of the old days are no longer workable.

Today I can write this article with these allegations tomorrow or by the end of the 111th congressional term I may not be able to even be on the internet. Conservative Internet censorship is that close to becoming a reality.

The future of the Republic rests not on government but on the people’s desire to harness in their government. To repeat Ronald Reagan’s quote at nausea, “The government that governs least governs best!” God Bless America!


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