Balanced Budget By 2037

By: Guest Authors

President Obama brought together a bunch of politicians to form a deficit panel and they were going to come up with a plan to reduce the deficit. What did they throw up on the table to chew on? We increase taxes… why not. We cut social security benefits and we raise the age when all those reduced benefits kick in. We plan all this so that by the time it kicks in like Obamacare, the crooks that imagined it are long gone.

Let’s make it simple. We can balance the budget tomorrow! Remember Clinton didn’t think we could balance the budget at least in theory in the 90’s. The evil Republicans made him do it. So let’s wait until 2037 to balance the budget. This has to be that special kind of congressional accounting math. If you keep overspending until 2037 how in the world are you going to reduce the deficit… bake sales?

It always amazes me how stupid, stupid really is. It’s the trees and the forest problem. The politicians are always focused on symptoms and they never consider changing the system. It’s the system stupid that needs fixing.

Free trade is a great idea. But if you don’t adjust the system so that America can compete globally, we will send more jobs out of the country. Tough to prosper when your jobs are in Mexico, India, or China.

The same holds true with balancing the budget. If you don’t change the system, you can’t possibly eliminate the budget deficit. The problem is simple you have politicians at the helm who’s livelihood and prosperity are based on their votes or non-votes.

The simple thing is to change the system so we remove the incentive to create deficits. The best way to do that is to take the cash out of the cow. Most of these politicians are rich and seem to become richer as they enter the political world. So let’s take the money out of politics and then the deficit will go away. It’s just like drug addiction and the addiction is to money.

To change the system: The politician receives no pay check. It’s a privilege to serve our country not a golden goose or a golden parachute. So let’s give them a budget for their office and that’s it. Do you have any idea how much Obama has spent on his wasted trips around the world. It is in the billions. Do you realize how many jobs could have really been created with that money? I don’t think Obama has spent more then 2 consecutive nights in the Whitehouse! And most of his travels have nothing to do with the state of the Union. So let’s put Obama on a budget as well.

Let’s place a strict limit on campaign funding. If they go over the limit amount, it would only be fair that the excess money be deposited promptly into the taxpayer pot of money. And if we outlaw all money spent on lobbyists, I bet you a balanced budget and the deficit will disappear over night. We won’t need to wait until 2037 to balance the budget in theory. It would be balanced in reality tomorrow.

Look at Rep. Charles Rangel. He spent over 2 million dollars on charges he couldn’t beat over a job he couldn’t lose. It wasn’t his money! Are these the folks you want looking after the national treasury?

What’s really stupid about the political deficit plan is that there are no provisions for creating new real jobs. If you don’t create new real jobs that will create tons of new tax revenue, the task of eliminating the national debt will only be a dream. A Pipe dream at most.

Dr. Phil Taverna


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