Democrats Eat Their Own

By: Ken Hughes

What a feast those Democrats who managed to survive the shellacking of 2010 and those who anticipate returning to congress in 2012 will have feeding on Obama’s bones for the next two years. It’s almost enough to make one feel sorry for Obama if it weren’t that he’s deserving of any treatment he gets. Obama spent his first two years with his nose in the air looking down on and talking down to those people he should have been looking up to, the voters. The American people are a forgiving lot but they will not accept continually being lied to. Unfortunately Obama’s been devoured by the same monster that’s consumed hundreds of other former politicians. Egomania, buying into the hype that continually surrounds the Washington elites will eventually destroy even the best of men.

I’ve often marveled at the intellect of the founding fathers. Only God knows for sure how all those men came together in one place at one time. So far history tells us it was a once in a lifetime experience. Left to their own devices Americans have been the most inventive and productive people the world has ever known. Creation and innovation has been the hallmark of Americans since the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

When God saw fit to send man like the founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to mention a few why would he / she then send a person like Barrack Obama to undo 4 centuries of progress? Perhaps this is the proverbial 2 x 4 along side of our heads, a wakeup call so to speak. We the people get it Lord there’s no need for another four years of Obama.

We can superficially blame God and praise God at the same time but in the end it’s we the people who are going to determine our destiny not God. God gave the critters instincts to guide them through paroles times he / she gave man a brain assuming it would be put to good use. The progress man’s made from the Neanderthals to the present is a good indication God made some good choices when creating this earth and all that inhabits it. It’s too bad God didn’t instill more can do and not so much can’t do in man, but then nothing’s ever perfect.

I’ve often wondered if Jesus returned tomorrow and came walking off Lake Michigan into the city center of Chicago how long it would take for him to be arrested and placed in the Psycho Ward at Cook County Jail? Not that Jesus would be insane rather because he would disrupt the political system the same as he did in Jerusalem so many years ago. All of the testaments of all the religions were meant to be road maps for man to follow and benefit from. The politics of religion has perverted them until they no longer mean what their original intent meant. Even the best of plans doesn’t always follow the script the crucifixion of Jesus is proof of that.

Looking back over nearly four hundred years of effort building the greatest nation on earth why would some pseudo intellectuals assume they can create a better society than already exists? One person dictating the life style of others isn’t improving anything for anyone. Historically socialism entraps people with promises of unearned benefits, then when it comes time to pay the bills those who supposedly benefited pay with their freedom. The United States Constitution was written in such a manor as to prevent socialist programs from eroding the system. In the past seventy five years that erosion has gradually replaced the rights of the people guaranteed in the constitution.

American men and women are fighting and dying in Afghanistan to bring a degree of freedom to the citizens of that country. Here in America in this season of Thanksgiving honoring three hundred eighty five years of God’s blessings the citizen of this country are being treated as potential terrorists. TSA agents are using the same tactics used by every totalitarian regime that’s ever existed to control the population.

The current administration seem to be in a rush to overpower the will of the people with unsubstantiated fears of some fabricated justification to suspend the people rights in the name of security. The little postage stamp size country of Israel surrounded on three sides by hostile neighbors doesn’t treat their citizen with such disrespect. The state of Israel has endured terrorist attacks for more than 60 years and has never abridged its citizen’s rights. Historically despots have used fear to overpower the will of their citizens. Leaders turned dictators create a pandemic of fear then pass laws supposedly to protect when in fact they’re designed to control the public. America isn’t nearing that state it’s in that state and unless than people rise up in protest we will become another suppressed population under siege by the elitists.

I have always been skeptical of conspiracy theories until Barrack Obama became president. I don’t know if it’s his intention to atone for the days of reconstruction. If it’s his intention to establish Islam as Americas first state religion or if he’s just a smart ass out to make a name for himself. Whatever his intentions are aren’t being accepted by the majority of the American people.

Many Democrats and much of the mainstream media are beginning to question Obama’s intentions. Things have gotten so far off course even many prominent Democrats are coming up with outlandish conspiracy theories. Most of the comments are still directed at Republicans and outspoken conservatives but that to is shifting. Each day Obama is required by his party and the media to shoulder more of the blame for the demise of America and the Democratic party.

Are the American people encouraged enough and strong enough to take America back to a pre-entitlement area when everyone worked for the good of the country, rather than for the greater good? The greater good is a meaningless liberal oxymoron created to generate guilt. After the area of Jimmy Carter when America was at its lowest point in years Ronald Reagan came forward and re-energized the nation to once more believe in themselves and their country. This time around it’s the people themselves who are energized by the Tea Party movement. When the people rise up the government bends down.

God bless everything about America except its liberalism.


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