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December 4, 2010

Dream Act Amnesty Group Advocates Murder of William Gheen

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Several Dream Act Amnesty supporters are attacking us in the comments section beneath our video that is going viral on the web tonight.

The leader of the pro Dream Act Amnesty group Immigration Clearinghouse, a man named Mr. Porter Corn from …

Whoopi Goldberg’s Ignorance

Since I’m well aware of how leftists’ claims of erudition are as empty as their ideology, not many of their failures surprise me.  But an exception came last Tuesday when Whoopi Goldberg was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.  The two …

Is Sarah Palin Too Good To Be President?

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The continued dominance of everything Palin on the national stage does not merit another gushing tribute nor a diatribe against the former governor’s haters (as fun as it would be to write). Furthermore, nothing written here should be construed …

The Decline Of Our Dignity

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The American economy is in shambles. We are experiencing a constant form of monetary and product producing regression, Public and private, which are leaving a negative legacy, not only our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’, but also to …