Dream Act Amnesty Group Advocates Murder of William Gheen



Several Dream Act Amnesty supporters are attacking us in the comments section beneath our video that is going viral on the web tonight.

The leader of the pro Dream Act Amnesty group Immigration Clearinghouse, a man named Mr. Porter Corn from Laredo Texas is advocating in print that I be murdered with a grenade due to my efforts against Amnesty and appearance on Fox News.

This advocacy of violence against me was accompanied by a post of my home address which has been removed by our moderators. These actions are inappropriate, a sign of weakness by our opponents, and will do more to harm the Dream Act Amnesty push.

We were going to let you see the comments for yourself at the link below….

VIDEO and Comments
Teddy Bear & Grenade: Dream Act Amnesty to Displace and Replace Americans



However, either Youtube or Mr. Corn removed the comments shortly after this message about contacting the FBI was posted in the Announcements section at ALIPAC which Mr. Corn visits and reads frequently.

Mr. Corn posted my home address in one post and in the next posted…

“Borderbandit54: Someone should put a grenade up Willy’s teddy bear ass and pull the pin. Fortunately, the majority of sane Americans don’t believe this BS”

We have a screen shot of the posts and will provide that documentation to police immediately.

We need more views on this video. The radical left George Soros operation called Media Matters has also flipped out about our message on Fox News today.

Media Matters launched a scattered rant that smells of panic. We know we have hit the mark when they react like this!

Copies of the advocacy for my murder by Dream Act Amnesty supporter Mr. Porter Corn (Borderbandit54 on Youtube)
will be sent to the FBI Wednesday morning.

Special thanks to all of you who are watching this video and sharing it with others and to all of you calling the Congress with ALIPAC’s messages and strategies today.

Reports from DC indicate they may vote on the Dream Act Amnesty as early as this Thursday.

We will keep you posted.


William Gheen
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
FEC ID: C00405878

PS: Feel free to post your questions, comments, concerns, and feedback at ALIPAC at this link….

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