Why is Julian Assange Still Breathing?

By: Craig Chamberlain

This is one of the consequences of having a democrat in the White House, you get a wimp as commander in chief. When you’re getting pushed around by some pipsqueak Australian, who looks like some creep who hangs around playgrounds to snatch kids, you know there isn’t much backbone at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Let’s recount. Mr. Assange, who is a self declared enemy of the United States, got millions of classified documents from a PFC Manning, and has released them all over the world in an attempt to weaken and embarrass the United States. Why are we allowing this pest to get away with it?

First of all let’s take the case of PFC Manning. I confess that I don’t know all the intricacies of military rules and regulations, but how in the world does a private get such security clearance? Don’t they do background checks? This man is a traitor to his country, but because of the constitutional restraints on being charged with treason will not be charged with that crime. Fine. There are plenty of other crimes that he can be charged with. There is espionage, stealing government property, being a Lady Gaga fan(ok, that’s not a crime, but it should be). The point of it is that this twerp should be charged with every crime that he can be charged with, sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Let the little traitor rot in a cell until he dies of old age.

Then there is the Obama administrations response to this attack. When the first leaks happened all the Obama administration did was to issue a cease and desist order. Basically all they did was ask this left wing fanatic to say stop that pretty please. With the most recent leak our intrepid leader, and his attorney general(all Eric Holder has accomplished in his time as attorney general was to make Janet Reno look competent) have said they will charge Julian Assange if he has broken any laws. IF? He’s broken a lot of laws. Among them are espionage, receiving stolen property, stealing government property, and if any Americans are killed because of his actions then he is guilty of murder by reckless endangerment, and depraved indifference. How’s that for federal law? And I didn’t even go to law school.

Julian Assange is putting American lives in danger, and our government acts as if he were a jaywalker. This man is a dedicated enemy of the United States. He believes that our country is an evil empire out to destroy the world and that it is his righteous duty to shed light on the world wide secrets and free the millions under the thumb of the evil United States. A United States so evil that it allows him to get away with this. Let’s ask ourselves some questions. Would China let wikileaks get away with this? Would he dare do this to say Iran? Does he think that the secrets of Russia need to be revealed? Of course not. First of all the founder of wikileaks thinks that only the United States is a threat to the world.

Being a leftist he doesn’t have a problem with what China does. He doesn’t have a problem with Iran, after all they are standing up to the Great Satan, so they can’t be all bad. There’s a scalding hypocrisy to Mr. Assange and wiki leaks, but that is true with all leftists. Rather than attack countries that are real dictatorships, and countries that really abuse human rights, or countries that really do represent a danger to the peace of the world, he goes after the world oldest democracy. Much like cold war leftists who blasted the United States while praising the USSR, Mr. Assange takes on the United States not out of any danger the United States represents, but because we’re the safer target.

All of his talk about America being the greatest threat the world faces is idiotic blather. Leftists always ignore real police states while condemning the United States as some reincarnation of Hitlers reich. If we are as evil as Mr. Assange asserts then why is he still breathing? If he tried this on the Iranians, the Chinese or the Russians he’d be dead by now. End of discussion. The KGB alum who now govern Russia are still using the same old playbook, and if anyone leaked millions of their state secrets to the world the offender would be killed in the most horrific, and public, manner possible so that the entire world would know that they wouldn’t tolerate this. Subtlety is not the strong suit of the Russian.

Instead, he goes after the Obama administration. It’s like the senior in high school picking on the freshman. It’s not a fair fight. This is the administration that won’t call terrorism what it is or take the threat of it seriously. What does Julian Assange have to worry about. Being subpoenaed by the House of Representatives? He’s more afraid of the rape charges from Sweden than he is about any punishment that might be coming from the Obama administration. When a bunch of Scandinavian socialists take a harder stand on crime than the President of the United States you know that this is a weak administration. Mr. Assange needs to be dealt with, he is a real security risk to the United States of America, he is putting the lives of American soldiers, officials, and diplomats in jeopardy, and is greatly weakening the foreign policy efforts of the United States, though with Obama in the White House that wouldn’t take a whole lot.

I don’t know if killing Assange is the best thing to do, perhaps it would be best to let him rot for life in a cell, he and PFC Manning can share one. But I do know that if Mr. Assange does turn up dead then it will not have been a bad thing. This man is an enemy of freedom, and there is nothing illegal, or immoral, about killing someone who is working so hard at putting people’s lives in danger. No matter what course of action is taken Mr. Assange needs to be silenced.

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