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December 6, 2010

Fox News Guest Threatened For Opposing Dream Act Amnesty

Dream Act Amnesty supporters, including the President of Immigration Clearinghouse, have issued a fatwa calling for the murder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s President William Gheen following his appearance on Fox and Friends.

Perhaps Wikileaks Is Not That Bad

Filed under: In The News - 06 Dec 2010

Wikileaks may have compromised some of the governments operations but in retrospect they’ve also pointed out many more of the governments incompetent approaches to international diplomacy. The responsibility for this inappropriate behavior by the government can’t be placed on Obama …

Could China’s Instability Threaten America?

China’s double-digit economic growth over the past thirty years has been breathtaking. Growth has limits, however, and China may soon be reaching them. With worldwide recession, and inflation coming to the yuan, a slowdown in China’s growth is increasing probable.