Perhaps Wikileaks Is Not That Bad

By: Ken Hughes

Wikileaks may have compromised some of the governments operations but in retrospect they’ve also pointed out many more of the governments incompetent approaches to international diplomacy. The responsibility for this inappropriate behavior by the government can’t be placed on Obama alone congress must share the bulk of the responsibility for allowing the bureaucracy to assume such powers without proper oversight. Congress has a greater responsibility to the public than just getting reelected every two and six years. There’s an assumption Washington can’t be changed. Yes it can and yes it will, when it takes something like a Wikileaks to inform what the government does in the people name without their knowledge its time the people had a say. Now voters have said enough is enough and it’s their turn to rule the roost. America is owned by we the people [bought and paid for] and not by politicians and bureaucrats.

Wikileaks is only exposing incompetent behavior by unsupervised bureaucrats who’ve allowed the arrogance of power to supersede the wisdom of diplomacy. These are cases of intellectualism over powering common sense. Sometimes there’s more common sense in a shovel full of horse manure than in all the PhD’s coming out of those Ivy League Universities. Leadership comes from within a person not from what they learn from books, education is important but it’s secondary to good character and common sense.

Throughout the history of this country every administration has had its Wikileaks without the Republic falling into disarray. These revelations although graphic don’t came as any big surprise. Most people have always been aware how the bureaucracy plays fast and loose with the truth. Every time one of these Wikileak situations comes up it tends to improve relations between the government and the public.

A government that’s operating honestly and by the rules shouldn’t need to have thousands of pages of secrets exposed. And if they are secrets why would they be openly exchanged on the internet when everyone who knows how to turn on a computer knows even encrypted data can be hacked. The only logical conclusion is government employees are using this data as a form of personal entertainment. Since the US Government is the largest single employer it stands to reason they would be the largest violators of federal regulations. So far only one low level federal employee is being charged for the release of thousands of pages of data. This is the typical way bureaucrats cover up their indiscretions.

The government has grown so large and encompasses so much it’s difficult for only 435 house members and 100 senators to stay in touch with everything that goes on in the country. The solution of course is to reduce the size of government to a point it’s manageable by 435 house members and 100 senators. Congress should abide by the 10th amendment and return those things prescribed to the states and prohibited by the constitution for the federal government getting involved back to the states and the people. The founding fathers were wise beyond their years, they were able to foresee the future and prepare generations to come with a means of dealing with it. If we fail it’s not because we weren’t given the tools to succeed.

For whatever reason Wikileaks is publishing otherwise secret data of the state department the end result is the public is getting an inside look at how this government tends to business. That can’t be helpful to the management of the state department. Even former Ambassador Bolton suggested diplomacy and deception are blood brothers. If Americans international relations are based on lies and deceptions what good is it doing? The next question is just how much of what the government does is bathed in secrecy, how much does the public really know about the internal workings in the nation’s bureaucracy?

Time and spin will be the final judge of what harm Wikileaks did to the state department and the military I doubt it will have much of an effect on the day to day operations of either.

How many times in the past have such revelations thought to have boarded on bringing down a presidents administration, not once. Only once has one even come close and that was the Nixon administration and even then when he resigned his administration stayed intact. America’s more resilient than its given credit for, it’s withstood attacks from all sides, military and political and not once has it folded not even close. If it’s Wikileaks intention to do harm to Americas international relations they can forget it, every nation of any size operates the same way by deception and lies and each knows how the game is played.

What Wikileaks will accomplish as unintended consequences is to open the eyes of the American people for an inside look at one or more of its governments deceptive practices.

The internet is dangerous territory for those who act but don’t think. Nearly everyone has access to a means of being heard, not everyone has the ability or the phraseology to make a coherent statement this leads to a great deal of misinformation being disseminated. Often it’s not what’s said but how it’s said that makes the difference. Criticism of Wikileaks is all over the place most of it is speculation without anyone having ever read the text of the postings. When one person calls it treason a dozen more fall in line behind them chanting for justice. Truth often takes a beating in the court of public opinion. If Wikileaks postings are actual copies of transmission of documents this government made then the public has a right to know. If the Wikileaks postings put lives at risk it was those who created the documents and not Wikileaks who should be held accountable.

There’s no question Wikileaks was created to embarrass the United States government otherwise there would be Wikileaks about every other major power on earth. Or perhaps because America has become a Pansyland unprotected by the Obamanista wimps no one fears them any longer. America’s become the logical target for trash talking antagonists who earn millions of dollars creating verbal havoc everywhere in the world. These Wikileaks to will pass until the next crises comes along.

Fear not America has always survived these periodic political attracts and usually benefites from them.


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