Dream Amnesty Supporter Manifesto Threatens Lawmakers, Media, Banks


With no response from the FBI yet regarding the numerous terrorist threats made by phone and Internet posts to murder ALIPAC’s President with weapons of mass destruction, Dream Act Amnesty supporters have escalated their calls for criminal acts against lawmakers and media opposing Amnesty.

These latest terrorist threats were posted on the Dream Act Portal (DAP) at 7:03pm on Thursday, December 2, 2010. Here are some excerpts of the threats made by user named ‘ineverhadachance’.

“We’re starting our own movement like the Black Panthers and calling ourselves Ghost Dreamers…. (our) IT and computer science majors hack Fox News and ALIPAC website, Architecture majors…. design a tunnel under a bank… Dreamers that want to join the marines join us instead and take care of Sessions, King and Rubio Al Capone style.”

This manifesto post was located at the URL http://dreamact.info/forum/showthread.php?t=18146 but has been removed this morning.

ALIPAC captured screen shots of the original document and has the entire text preserved at this link beneath a copy of this release….


“We need the FBI to swing into action fast!” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “And since these latest threats are directed at lawmakers we need the Secret Service involved. Dream Act Amnesty supporters are trying to menace their opposition in illegal ways and we need federal law enforcement action before someone gets hurt!”

ALIPAC supporters have been reaching out to members of Congress, the media, and the FBI asking for investigations and justice due to a stream of bomb and death threats delivered and documented over the last few days. As of yet, the FBI is not responding to urgent pleas for aid and local police are doing what they can, although the nature of the threats needs federal resources.

ALIPAC is now sending these latest threats to hack ALIPAC and Fox News, rob banks, launch a revolution, and murder Federal lawmakers to the media, lawmakers, and law enforcement agencies.

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