ALIPAC Leads Charge To Warn America of Impending Amnesty Vote


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is scheduling interviews on talk radio shows across America and rallying bloggers and activists to warn Americans that the Senate and House plan to vote on the Dream Act Amnesty bill tomorrow, which would displace millions of suffering American workers, students, and voters if it passes.

Americans that represent the vast majority of voters who oppose Amnesty are being asked to call, write, and visit the offices of their representatives to demand “No On Dream Amnesty!”

“The Dream Amnesty is opposed by 59% of Americans, inappropriate for the lame duck session, and would decimate efforts to enforce existing immigration and border laws,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “This ‘Nightmare Act’ would turn millions of illegal aliens into competitive workers, students, and voters at a time when Americans are suffering from a lack of jobs, skyrocketing college costs, and a Washington elite who does not listen to the public!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is one of the nation’s largest grass roots organizations fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty. The group is interviewed and quoted on CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, and most major newspapers in America.

ALPAC strategies and messaging have helped to defeat the Dream Act Amnesty six times before.

“Our concern is that three GOP Senators have cut a deal with Obama over tax breaks for Americans making over $250,000 per year to pass Amnesty,” said William Gheen. “The Democrats only need 2-3 more Republicans to vote yes on Cloture for Dream Amnesty to pass it. Everyone needs to call Washington NOW!”

ALIPAC has launched the group’s 2012 campaign and elections efforts to remove any supporter of Amnesty from office. Forty four incumbents participating in the lame duck session that support Amnesty have lost their seats already.

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